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  1. I'm french ,I don't speak English very well but i like what you make with graphic 45 paper the station. but I don't buy the tutorials . Thanks thanks for watching you ON YOU TUBE.

  2. Thanks Annette. The workshop was wonderful!!! I could not believe how complete the kit was--everything cut to size and even scored. Your instructions were impressive. I'm a technical writer and that what I do all day long :) Hope you will be coming to Wisconsin again soon!!!

    1. Hi again Mary. I love your last name! Thanks for the sweet comment. It means a lot to me. It's a lot of work but it keeps things nice and organized. Most of all it makes the students happy. I hope to be back again next year too! Thanks again.

  3. Had a great time in Jan and your classes were fantastic as always. Hope to be able to take another class in the near future.


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