Week 8 & 9, a new TN, and Devid's new release!

Welcome back to my weekly series in my scrapbook planner. Although I am keeping up to date just fine each week, I didn't post my Week 8 page here on my blog last week since I didn't have the photo or journaling complete when I made the video. (As I said in the Week 8 video, I didn't have my new stamp sets yet so I was waiting for them to arrive to take the photo.) I've posted the video below.

So, did you catch that? I said "MY" stamps. As in my designs in my first-ever release with Elizabeth Craft Designs! 10 die sets and three stamp sets for this first release. It's a biggie! I've been sharing quick little sneak peeks in my recent videos, so I hope you've had a chance to watch those. My release is coming at the end of March, and I will certainly do a post and a Live video once they are available for you to purchase.

Week 9 is also done and video is posted. In this one, I share my assembly process, some tips on composing pleasing photos, and then share a new TN (traveler's notebook) I've started for my upcoming trip to see Jamie in Chicago later this month. Video for Week 9 is also below.

As I say in the video, this little TN has pages inside, all ready to go for documenting my trip. I've decorated the cover using some new dies from Devid Roodenburg's new Art Journal line. Even if you don't work in an art journal, his new dies and stamps are fantastic for all sorts of projects. Just take a look at this birthday card I made using some of his dies...

I had so much fun making the first one, I had to make another. Those great splatters and "Make Today Count" are from Devid's release, and the balloons and circles are some Joset's line. I'll link all products that are available on the Elizabeth Craft Designs website below. If you don't see something there, that usually means it's only in scrapbook stores right now and will soon be available on the ECD website.

New this year, I'm using Shopify Collabs for my links which earn you 10% off your purchase when you click on my links to make your purchase! There are different links for the U.S. and Europe, so take care to pick the correct ones for you.

U.S. Vintage Black Planner: https://collabs.shop/btbpgl Large Numbers: https://collabs.shop/oep1zd Planner Essentials 4 (page die): https://collabs.shop/yhbshl Reinforcement Pack 3: https://collabs.shop/poyeao Craft Lover Die Set: https://collabs.shop/mqaghm File Pointed Tweezers, blue: https://collabs.shop/mt5vt2 E.U. Vintage Black Planner: https://collabs.shop/cu0jvs Large Numbers: https://collabs.shop/yxq15j Planner Essentials 4 (page die): https://collabs.shop/ympudd Reinforcement Pack 3: https://collabs.shop/wlqp9i Craft Lover Die Set: https://collabs.shop/prguk8 File Pointed Tweezers, blue: https://collabs.shop/1swk5n

U.S. Vintage Black Planner: https://collabs.shop/btbpgl Large Numbers die: https://collabs.shop/oep1zd Worn Wood paper collection: https://collabs.shop/gzzoqg Tickets & Tabs die: https://collabs.shop/mcr6gs Passport Art Journal, Moss: https://collabs.shop/kzteoh E.U. Vintage Black Planner: https://collabs.shop/cu0jvs Large Numbers die: https://collabs.shop/yxq15j Worn Wood paper collection: https://collabs.shop/fq4h7t Tickets & Tabs die: https://collabs.shop/hkihds Passport Art Journal, Moss: https://collabs.shop/ry9ock

"Party Time" die set from Joset Van de Burgt
U.S.  https://collabs.shop/gwayso
E.U.  https://collabs.shop/sql8hp

Devid's new release is coming soon to the ECD website, but is available now in major scrapbook stores and those who sell online as well.