Week 6 - Warhol, comedy, hidden journaling, and QR codes

The weeks are flying by, aren't they? It's already week 6 in my weekly scrapbook planner. Are you documenting your weekly life too? I'd love to know. Or maybe you're following along to pick up some helpful tips. That's nice too. Perhaps you've started, but are starting to peter out. (I'm going to cover that issue in Week 7's video.)

Week 6 is about harnessing those really colorful photos (like these art pieces by Andy Warhol) by grounding them with black and dark blue photo frames. Especially since this new page is on a spread with my already colorful Week 5, it was important (to me) to keep it from looking totally crazy while also not making it into a coordinated "spread." If you look at the above photo, you'll see the two different pages are clearly two different weeks just by the use of colors and shapes, but they also work together.

As I show in the video, after choosing all my photos there was absolutely no room for journaling. To solve this, I simply created a side-loading pocket out of the bottom photo frame and slid a journaling card underneath with a cute side-tab attached.

I also show in the video how I used the comedian's business card to create elements in my layout like his name (those colors worked perfectly!) and also the QR code. We all know by now how to use a QR code, I hope. It's such a great way to offer a way to tell more of the story or offer more information to the viewer! Simply hover your phone's camera over that code and it provides a link to Michael's website. From there you can read all about his accomplishments, where he's playing next, how to buy his merchandise and much more. 

That's just a little bit of what I cover in the video, so I hope you have a moment to check it out. And as always, all product links are in the video's description, where you'll receive 10% off your entire order and I get a tiny little commission on the sale.

Thanks for checking it today. Have a lovely week.