Retreat Registration Tips


It's almost here! Our Rocky Mountain Creative Retreat registration is this Saturday, January 15th, and we want to make sure you are ready and get registered without any trouble. So here are some helpful tips...

1. Please read the post prior to this one. It's filled with all the details you need. I've updated a few points since the initial post, so make sure you take another quick look.

2. Be ready on your computer (or device) to register at 10:00 a.m. Mountain Time. Check this handy Time Zone Converter if you aren't sure what time this is in your area.  

**NOTE: Any registrations that come in before the 10:00 time stamp will not be accepted even if the website lets you register, so please wait until the proper time.**

3. On Saturday, a few minutes before 10:00, I will post the link to register here on my blog and on all my social media platforms as will Els and Terri. Then it'll be time to complete your registration! You will be paying the full amount using a credit card. If you prefer to pay a different way, there will be other options like Apple Pay and Google Pay, to name a few, or you can message Terri if you need to pay by other means. Her contact information will be on the registration page.

4. After you've registered successfully, you will receive an e-mail confirmation at which time we will add you to our private Facebook Group where you can introduce yourself to all the other guests, ask questions, share stories, etc. 

5. Those of you requesting roommates, each of you needs to do your own registrations independently, so be sure to try and register around the same time to ensure you both get in. We don't want one person registering at 10:00 a.m. and the roommate trying to register at 8:00 p.m. We don't know how fast this will fill up, so let's be safe rather than sorry.

We hope you can join us! Good luck this Saturday!