Thursday, August 31, 2017

Tour Graphic 45 and Running With Scissors

I've got another great video to share with you today. This time was a special treat, because I got to visit the Graphic 45 offices as well as tour the Portland and Seattle areas, and of course teach at the fabulous Running With Scissors scrapbook store in Kent, WA. I hope you get a moment to watch this fun video tour. It sums up this great trip perfectly!


  1. I loved this video! Wow! What a fun trip. Had my color fix as I looked in that shop. A neat place to shop. FUN! THE BEST job to have. You are so BLESSED!!! I will watch this video a second time. So enjoyable.

  2. I had so much fun taking your class at Running With Scissors. Come back soon!

  3. GREAT video, Annette!!! Creative, educational and FUN - what a fabulous view into your incredibly amazing trip!! Love the rustic, unfinished design of the Graphic 45 offices - VERY cool!!! Looks like I'll have to make a return trip to Seattle since I missed visiting Running With Scissors the first time - what a super store!! Thank you so much for sharing!!! :-)

  4. Any plans for coming to Columbia, SC?

    1. 2018 calendar is booked. But perhaps 2019? Best thing to do is tell your local scrapbook store to contact me. :)


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