Creative Chemistry 103 - Day 5

I can't believe it's already over. I feel like I've just gotten started. Creative Chemistry 103 Day 5 was our last day of class, and the focus was Alcohol Inks and Yupo "paper". I think I learned more today than any other day, simply because I've never used Yupo before. It's certainly an interesting, amazing surface, and one to experiment with over and over.

Here are all the tags from Day 5's lesson. 

My personal favorite technique of the day was the first one: "Alcohol Ink Stamped Resist on Yupo." I wanted to make a stack of things!

"Alcohol Ink Faded Layers on Yupo" 
(a better choice of stencils on my part might have made this one more impressive)

"Alcohol Ink Texture Resist on Yupo"

"Alcohol Ink Painting on Yupo"
This one had me mesmerized. I enjoyed it so much.

I wanted to share a close-up of my pear, which looks more like an avocado probably, but I didn't care. I loved painting the alcohol inks in layers and watching what happened on the Yupo. Choice of stamp is important for this technique.

"Alcohol Ink Liquid Landscapes on Yupo"
I can't believe I only threw away one attempt on this one. I got it by the second try. It's a tricky one and I'm not one for lack of control, but I really like the way it came together here.

"Alcohol Ink Splattered Floral on Yupo"
This was just plain fun. Mine looks more like an egg yolk than a flower, but the process was sure enjoyable.

When Tim Holtz said this was the last technique of Creative Chemistry 103, I thought he was mistaken. It can't be over already! But, sadly, it's true. The great thing though about Online Card Classes is that once you pay, they're yours forever. You can go back and view them again and again. I highly recommend all the Creative Chemistry courses if you haven't already. So often I hear students say they don't know how to use certain Ranger products, and for those people I say this is the answer. It's the best way to educate yourself on the entire product line, and all in the comfort of your own home at your own pace.

Thanks for following along with my technique tags. I've enjoyed sharing them with you.


  1. All I got to say is WOW...STUNNING!!!! AMAZING creations.

  2. it's not over yet!! We still have day 6 to go girl!!
    Great tags, I have enjoyed looking at your work since I am having a hard time playing along :D

  3. Great tags!!!! I am having so much fun with this class!!!! And Day 5 has been amazing. I've fallen in love with alcohol ink all over again!!

  4. I love all of yours! I FINALLY got caught up about 8:00 last night. Did not realize we were at the end! Oh well! See you next Saturday!

  5. Your samples are brilliant Annette, I love your 'painting' one and also the 'landscape' one (I have not tried that one yet). Like you, I have enjoyed every moment of the classes in 103 and like you say, it is great to have lifetime access. Anne x

  6. Annette, loved your pear/avocado painting!:) I laughed when you talked about lack of control. It is both frustrating and fascinating. Check out my "Cat Mountain" it just emerged out of nowhere!!

  7. I ssen the palm tree tag in cc103 and wanted to stop over to say what a create painted landscape this turned out to be!

  8. You've been super busy! Love seeing all your beautiful tags.

  9. These are awesome! Thanks for all of the Creative Chemistry inspiration Annette. :)

  10. These are awesome! Thanks for all of the Creative Chemistry inspiration Annette. :)


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