Creative Chemistry 103 - Day 4

Hi again all. Day 4 of Creative Chemistry was all about Distress Crayons. Distress Crayons debuted this year at CHA and I've loved playing with them since I first got my hot little hands on them. Tim Holtz does a fabulous job in class comparing them to similar products on the market, as well as sharing tips and so many techniques on how to work with them. I tell you, if you're not taking this online course, you're missing out on tons of useful information.

Here are my versions of the six different Distress Crayon techniques from Day 4.

"Distress Crayon Smudge"

"Distress Crayon Gesso Fresco" (that's fun to say)

"Distress Crayon Textured Resist"

"Distress Crayon Watercolor Resist" (my favorite technique of the day)

"Distress Crayon Blended Background"

"Distress Crayon Layered Coloring" (My favorite finished tag and 2nd favorite technique today)

I LOVE Distress Crayons because I use my fingers for most every technique. Something about using your fingers as opposed to a brush just makes the process that much more fun!

Thanks for stopping in today. I'm still a day behind, but maybe I'll get an opportunity later today to catch up.

Have a great day!


  1. Hey Annette! These tags using distress crayons are amazing! Looks like you're having a wonderful time learning and playing around with Tim's techniques. Hey, I wanted to thank you for the lovely comments you've recently left on my blog. I've been horrible about leaving comments. Hopefully when schools starts up again, things will get back to normal. And your Jamie will be leaving shortly for college!!! I wish her so much success!!! Sending hugs.

  2. Great tags once again! I think Distress Crayons was my favorite day. I love using them, but I learned some new tricks!

  3. Love your favorite tag as well.


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