Creative Chemistry 103 - Day 2

Hello and welcome back. It's Day 2 in class at Creative Chemistry 103 and it was a day filled with Distress techniques galore, from inks, to sprays, to markers to paint. Here's a look at my five technique tags today...

I'm thoroughly enjoying the creative process here. Much like art journaling, it takes me away and makes me feel happy. I love exploring and experimenting and learning, don't you?

Here's a quick look at the techniques we learned today...

"Distress Paint Resist"

"Distress Paint Lifting"
(my personal favorite technique of the day)

(If you're taking the course, you may have noticed my card sample I was asked to create for Tim using the Distress Paint Lifting technique. Quite an honor!)

"Distress Stain Rub Resist"

"Distress Luminous Mica"
(Just wow. I love this technique's results.)

"Distress Marker Spritzed Watercolor"

And that ends Day 2 in Creative Chemistry 103. Can't wait to get to class tomorrow!

Thanks for stopping in.


  1. Beautiful. And your original card was gorgeous too! x

  2. I haven't even watched the videos yet! So I have NO idea how these techniques were achieved! But I love them just the same! Congrats on being chosen to do a sample piece for Tim!

  3. Your tags are fabulous Annette - I struggled with the Distress Paint Lifting technique, but it was wonderful seeing your beautiful sample card in class! I need to practice more I think! Anne xx

  4. I agree, the paint lifting is my favorite! Loved your sample and all your tags, and the honor is well deserved!

  5. Absolutely stunning cards, Annette.


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