Creative Chemistry 103 - Day 1

I'm participating once again in Tim Holtz's fabulous online course "Creative Chemistry" offered through Online Card Classes. There are three Creative Chemistry offerings: 101, 102, and 103 which began today. You'll need to have completed both 101 and 102 in order to take 103, just like school.

While I can't share Tim's class techniques (that's for you to discover on your own) I can post my completed tags, which show my version of the techniques I learned today.

Each day for six days we learn five techniques using Distress products, plus all sorts of extra helpful tips and techniques along the way with even more Tim products. It's fantastic, and priced at only $25 it's an unbelievable deal. It's a great opportunity to learn something new, or refresh your memory on techniques, tools and products. (Even after 20 years of crafting, I still learn something new.)

Here's a closer look at each tag with the technique listed below...

Distress DIY Ombré

Distress Highlight Stamping Technique

Distress Offset Stamping
(my personal favorite technique of the day)

Distress Washed Watercolor

Distress Micro-Glaze Resist

Are you taking CC103? If so, I'll be looking for you in the class forum and gallery. I can't wait for tomorrow class!


  1. Wow, great tags and so quick. i wish i had more time to try all the techniques.

  2. Awesome tags Annette! I am in CC103 and I loved day one! I have already watched class but now I have to catch up with my reader and then I will get down to some serious play time! :D

  3. It was certainly a great first day and I love your pieces! x

  4. I am taking 103 as well. I watched the videos yesterday, then LIFE got in my way! Hope to get a few done today. I LOVE all five of your tags. Funny how you and I had the same idea for one of them. You'll have to wait and see if I do the same thing now that I've seen yours! ;)

  5. Awesome tags! First day was great! I really like the use of the background stamp with the highlight technique!

  6. I love your tags Annette! I'm taking the class and was so busy yesterday I forgot all about it! I'll have to catch up today!

  7. Oh these are so fabulous! Each time I think I have a favourite, another jumps out at me. Love them. x

  8. You have done an awesome job! I am still trying to finish day one! Ugh!


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