Creative Chemistry 102 Notebook & Give-away!

I quickly wanted to share my notebook that I started with Creative Chemistry 101 and now have altered slightly for 102 and CC courses in the future.

Here's a look at my 101 notebook when I first put it together back in 2012. See link for more photos and details.

Since adding 102 to the coursework, I moved this front insert photo to the inside of my notebook. This page was created in PhotoShop Elements.

I created a similar page for the 102 section. Each one is inside a page protector which makes a great divider for the sections.

Then I created a new cover so that any future Creative Chemistry courses can be added.

Same with the spine. Same one from last time, only I changed the 101 to Online Classes.

As for the tags themselves, I am going to create mini books using Tim's Worn Covers/Composition Book like he showed in the 102 follow-up video. What a fantastic idea! I'll be sure to share those books when I finish them.

Meanwhile, I can't thank you all enough for the lovely comments all last week. I enjoyed the creative process so much and hope you did too. As my special thank you, I did a randomized drawing of a name from those who commented all last week and the winner of a special Tim Holtz inspired give-away is...

#18 - Shirley!

Blogger Shirley said...
I really, really like every card you did from today's class.

Shirley in Queen Creek, AZ

Now Shirley, just e-mail me at with your mailing address and I'll get this happy package off to you ASAP.


  1. Congrats Shirley! Annette, thanks for sharing your binder for the cc classes. Great to have that all in one spot. When my life isnt so busy, like after the holidays, ha ha, I'm going to sign up for these cc classes. Have heard such great things. Looking forward to seeing your worn cover books with all your tags.

  2. Your binder is brilliant. I have so enjoyed seeing all your wonderful makes. I would love to do the CC1 course at some point. What a kind thing to do this giveaway and well done to lucky Shirley x

  3. Wow! Love your binder! That's so clever! Also, congrats on being showcased. Pretty awesome! :)

  4. super creative binder. Love your inspiration.

  5. Great binder, Annette! Mine are on a book ring. Yeah, I'ma simple girl!! Congrats to Shirley on the win!

  6. Love your binder! Great idea. I'm sure there will be more. The Man is a master. How sweet of you to pick someone from your lovely comments. Congrats, Shirley. Keep the inspiration coming, Annette! I love your work!!


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