Creative Chemistry 102 - Day 4

A late day for me in the virtual classroom today with Tim Holtz in Creative Chemistry 102. Hubby had to have shoulder surgery this morning, which went very well. While I sat in the waiting room, you can bet I was watching today's CC102 technique videos on my iPad. I couldn't wait to get home and try them out.

Today was all about alcohol inks, which I always find so delightfully mysterious. They have such unique properties that allow them to do pretty cool things.

Here are my technique tags today...

With my limited time, I was kinda glad there were only five today. Check out each one up close below with the name of the technique we learned to create them.

Faux Patina.

This one needs a close-up of the very cool patina effect on metal.

Tinted Tinsel.



Faded Layers. (my favorite of the day) It's all about the background, not the stamping.

Well, now it's already time to start making dinner, so gotta run. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Great tags Annette! I love how you did the tinsel one! it's so cute!! TFS :D

  2. Love the hope and the deer one! Cute!

  3. Great tags! I really want to sign up for both of his classes. So many more techniques to learn.

  4. Great tags and your use of the tinsel twine is so awesome. :)

  5. These are gorgeous! Love all of the new alcohol techniques! :)

  6. That faded layers is stunning! I really like your ideas and look forward to seeing more in tomorrow's gallery

  7. I LOVE the Pear Ombre and Faded Layers bird tags...just GORGEOUS, Annette!

  8. GOrgeous tags, love the tinsel one. Hope your Hb gets well soon x

  9. Glad to hear the surgery went well. Looks like we were channeling each other with both of us using the pear stamp on one of our tags! I especially love your Ombre' tag today, Annette.

  10. Beautiful tags once again my friend! Love the ombre tag so much and very glad to hear your hubby's surgery went well!


  11. AMAZING TAGS Annette. Love them all. Karen.x

  12. What a wonderful tags!!!!!!!! Barbarayaya

  13. Beautiful work Annette. I'm finally getting a chance to look through the galleries. Seriously love the faded layers tag too. Wow -- incredible depth it gives to the background!! Fabulous samples for Day 4 -- Mary Elizabeth


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