Creative Chemistry 102 - Day 2

Another fun day of creating while learning surprisingly LOTS of new stuff in Tim Holtz's Creative Chemistry 102 online course. You can jump in on the fun yourself by signing up for this course. It's not live, so you can watch whenever you like. Here's the link to register, keeping in mind you'll need to have completed 101 before registering for 102.

Today's techniques blew me away because - even though I thought I pretty much knew all the tricks with stencils - I discovered that I indeed DID NOT. Like: did you know you can emboss with a stencil? And in more ways than one?

Here's our coursework from Day 2 with the techniques listed below each.

Today, we learned 7 techniques with a focus on layered stencils. 

Mixed-Media Layering

Embossing with Stencils.
(subtle, but very cool for a background.)

Embossing through Stencils.

Stencil Stamping.

Stencil Sketching.

Ink Monoprint. 
(I used two stencils for this effect. My favorite tag today.)

Paint Monoprint.

Thanks for stopping in today. I can't wait for tomorrow!

Of course you can find all the wonderful products used to make these tags online at:



  1. Hey Annette thanks for your lovely words on my blog...... Wow your tags look great, I've got some catching up to do

  2. Amazing, I love the sketch tag....such a cool effect x

  3. I love your tags. I love the color combos that you used!I just went out to get some distress paint. Can't wait to try some techniques!

  4. Gorgeous tags Annette! I have to get started on Day One and now Two. Halfway thru today's videos.

  5. Your tags are lovely! I don't know which is my favorite they're all so good.

  6. Fabulous job! Really like the stamping through the stencils.

  7. Gorgeous tags! The embossed with stencil is fantastic.

  8. Wow, Annette!You get an A for the day from me! I especially love your Stencil Sketching tag.

  9. These are fabulous! So beautiful! Are you enjoying the classes too? Hugs, Sandra

  10. I really was not that big of a fan of stencils until this class. I had such fun playing with the different techniques. I can see that you did too. The clockwork embossed through sample is so eye-catching. I would really hate to put anything on that tag to take away from the gorgeous work you did on it!! Same with the stencil stamping. Really fantastic backgrounds. -- Mary Elizabeth


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