Steampunk Spells Mini Album Videos 1 & 2

Graphic 45 featured my Steampunk Spells mini tag album last week, so I thought I'd also share it here today. I created the first video which got tremendous response, however it left many viewers wanting to know exactly how to recreate the album especially the accordion spine in particular.

So video 2 was a necessity. While Part 1 is a walk-through of the album page by page, showing the interactive flaps and pockets, Part 2 shows a step-by-step of how to make the spine and the complete assembly of the pages with a few tips and hints along the way.

Here are some still shots of the album and then the videos below. Please enjoy and let me know your thoughts.



  1. Wonderful tutorial ....
    if only I had your talent!

  2. thanks for the inspiration, appreciate the spine instructions, and i sure to add this to my bucket list

  3. Please show how to put the added flaps and inserts. Thx Judy

  4. This is a wonderful piece Annette. I especially love the front cover too. Karen.x

  5. Thak you for sharing your binding with us gal's. I gotta ask, did you make your spine longer to accommodate they extra flaps..? Or another way...? Or you could just do another video tutorial... (fingers crossed...eyes shut tight....please, please....?) Again thank you for all your hard work and don't forget your giving heart.
    "Happy Crafting"


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