MetroCon 2013 - Mom is Pinterest

A few days away from the blog due to MetroCon in Tampa this past weekend. If you've followed me for very long, you know that my teenager is ALL into cons and cosplaying. We're fortunate enough living in Central Florida to have access to MegaCon, MetroCon, Comic Con/Tampa, Anime Fest Orlando, Orlando Anime Day, and others I'm sure I'm forgetting.

I wanted to share a quick post with you today because this year something very interesting took place for my Jamie. As I've mentioned before, she's my gifted artist. She's always drawing on her digital tablet, developing characters and doing work for hire.  For some time now, she's been developing an online comic. The web comic follows a story line as if websites were humans. Each website character has its own personality and relationships. For example, Facebook and Twitter are gossip girls, and Bing is a little kid who's trying to live up to the successful Google.

Getting it? Take a look...

See how My Space is a ghost? He was dead, but now he's rising back to life. Get it? It all relates to the reality of that particular website, or search engine or social network. Her comic series then portrays stories and scenarios based on the current real-life goings-on. The idea is certainly clever, and it's wildly popular on Facebook and especially Tumblr where she's garnered over 40,000 followers. And yes, there's a Tumblr character. She's clever, she's snarky, yet lazy and procrastinates, and she doesn't care for Facebook one bit. 

With such a large following, Jamie soon found that her fans were dressing up like her characters. With MetroCon coming and to help manage her fan base, she developed her Interwebs Series Facebook Group and soon kids from all over were sharing photos of themselves, and planning their trip to Tampa to dress as one of her characters and to meet the creator herself.

So the fun part here is that the Pinterest character is totally based on me. Jamie describes her as crafty, sassy and sort of the mother figure for Tumblr. She got the character right. Those are my stretch capri jeans with the polka dots (I wear them all the time) and my comfy loafer shoes and I'm always pinning up my hair. Only thing is, I wish I were as cute as the cartoon version. Jamie asked me if I would dress the part at MetroCon and I was happy to!

Check out the gang...

Turned out there were a couple of Pinterests there. (I'm the old one in the middle. LOL.) This was such an exciting moment for Jamie. And I have a feeling it's only the beginning. 

Selfie! (Can you tell I was getting into it just a little?)

Since MetroCon is a whole weekend, there's plenty of time for costume changes, so Jamie began as the female version of  Medic from Team Fortress 2.

Then it was Loki and the Disney Princesses. Jamie made all the flower crowns for the girls. And thank goodness she's getting some mileage out of that Loki costume I made. See an older post here for more on that.

Jamie had a blast with her friends and made new ones while there. While many might think the whole thing is a huge nerd fest, it's much more than that. It's a pretty great group of kids having fun and connecting in a creative way. 

Thanks for popping in. Back to creative fun in my crafty space today!


  1. Oh, how FUN!! I simply can't imagine where that girl gets her talent...or even her snarkiness. LOL!

  2. WOW, that is just FANTASTIC! It really is no wonder where Jamie gets her talent, her cartoon characters are amazing.

  3. I wondered when I was watching the news reports of MetroCon last week if you were here! Your dd is certainly very talented.

  4. love it! thanks for sharing. I love the characters, I think they are perfect!

  5. That is awesome! The characters are brilliant, and they look like they're spot-on. I love seeing your daughter's cosplay on here, too. She definitely takes after her mother in the talent department!

  6. How exciting for you both! Congratulations to Jamie... I think you're right that is just the beginning. Wow! And PS love your outfit :-)

  7. How exciting for you both! Congratulations to Jamie... I think you're right that is just the beginning. Wow! And PS love your outfit :-)

  8. Amazing creations, I can't imagine being that talented! I think she is going to go far with this - it surely is just the beginning.

  9. Your daughter is brilliant, but I'm sure you must realize that. I think she's going to go far in her chosen field. It's really cool to see our future leaders using their imaginations and gathering together to represent our social media in a world your daughter created. Bravo!

  10. Your daughters idea is awesome, how clever of her to do that. I am going to have to check it out. Love the photo's of you in costume!

  11. Super talented! I shared this with my daughter, who is also an artist and going to school for graphic design. I thought she'd get a kick out of it. You should be so proud of your dd. Amazingly perceptive and talented!


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