Sunday, July 21, 2013

Bohemian Bazaar Picnic Caddy & Tray

Life is never dull with a teenager. They keep you on your toes, especially during the summer. My daughter had a big sleepover last night, so mom was in charge of the food, drinks and happiness of the guests. I enjoy it really. In fact, I wanted to do something fun for the girls this time. I knew just what I wanted to do! A while back I had gone junking with my mom and picked up some items to alter. If you follow my blog regularly, you may remember...

When I saw the picnic caddy (that's what I'm calling it; the white wood box with the handle in the background) I knew those bright colors in Graphic 45's Bohemian Bazaar collection would be great. And what to put inside the cubbies? Orange Crush, my daughter's current favorite.

Yesterday morning I set to altering...

Covered the box with papers using Mod Podge as a glue then a sealer.

Then the trimmings. After it was finished, I grabbed the Orange Crush bottles and - DOH! - they didn't fit! I don't know why I never thought to measure them. So I measured the openings and cut a square of card stock to size and ran down to the grocery with my little square, taking bottles of colorful drinks off the shelves, measuring them until I found these Refreshers by Starbucks. PERFECT!

(Keep in mind, this is all happening while the sleepover girls are getting thirsty and in need of a sweet treat.) I got home from the store and started on my altered tray. This is just a bare wood tray from my local Hobby Lobby. I gave it a quick coat of cream paint before I went to the store, then quickly added the papers when I got back. A seal of Mod Podge set to dry while I made up the chocolate covered Oreos using my Wilton candy mold.

Voila! It all came together just in time. The candy cookies were devoured in about 15 minutes as were the Refreshers. And now I have some fun home decor pieces I can use again and again. Super easy!


  1. wow what fabulous set ! Those colours are fab xx

  2. Lovely bright set, they look great!

  3. what a lovely set, practical pretty and Yummy

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