Coming to you from Ranger U

I've discovered that iPad and Blogger don't get along very well, so I apologize for not blogging any updates from Ranger University. Promise to do that from home this week. Today is our final day and it's bitter sweet. I will hate to see it end, but can't wait to get home and start planning classes and blog posts to share all that I've learned. It's been beyond amazing, learning so many techniques and making fast friends. So stay tuned and I'll share everything so you can get an idea of the wonderful experience of attanding Ranger U.


  1. Just seen a couple of pics over at Gentleman Jim's... can't wait to hear all your adventures!
    Alison x

  2. Yes, looks by Jim's posts that you all are having a great time (DUH...IT"S RANGER U!! of COURSE they are having a great time!)
    The only great part about not getting to go is getting to see what all you guys share with us! :D

  3. Cannot wait to see your makes and pics hugs trace x


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