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You may have thought I went missing. It's not because I'm a blog slacker by any means, I promise. It's because we're down to the wire here in the Green household getting ready for MegaCon/Orlando.

My 15-year-old daughter has been into conventions for several years now. MegaCon, MetroCon, Anime Fest Orlando, Orlando Anime Day, you name it. If you've followed by blog for very long, you probably already know this. Here are just a few photos over the years...

Adventure Time. Jamie is Fionna in the center.

Not sure which flick this is from. Cool picture though.

DeadMau5. She's in the center.

Hetalia. Jamie's on the right as female South Italy.

(She's selling this Len Kagamine costume. Interested?)

GlaDOS (potaDOS specifically) from Portal 2.

Miku Hatsune. (she's selling this one, minus the wig if you're interested)

This weekend is MegaCon and we've been working on her current costume for about six months now. If you've seen the Avengers, you may remember this guy...

Tom Hiddleston as Loki, Thor's evil brother. Talk about a tough one. Sometimes you can buy costumes already made, but not this one. Had to make this one from scratch. Ugh.

This is what the house has looked like the past several months. Stuff everywhere, then we clean it all up so I can hold a class or a crop...

...then it all comes out again.

Faux leather and gold trim, flaps for Loki's jacket. Funny part is, I am NOT a seamstress.

Had to buy this dress form just so I could get the job done properly. Here's part of the jacket without the flaps attached yet.

One sleeve.

But I'm not doing ALL the work. Jamie is crafting the faux armor pieces. These tiles are craft foam painted and adhered to a sheet of felt. This will attach to Loki's pants.

One of the shoulder pieces. Also craft foam, paint, Mod Podge and glue.

Armor for Loki's sleeves.

We're almost there. This week we'll add the finishing touches and I'll be sure to post a photo of her in it.

Are your kids into Comic Con, Mega Con, Metro Con or anything else? I would love to hear about it. Meanwhile, I'll be back to my crafty creations this week. Stay tuned and thanks for your patience.


  1. OMG! These costumes are phenomenal, Annette! I think others will agree, YOU ARE A SEAMSTRESS!!! Excellent job to you both! Can't wait to see the final touches!

  2. Wow!!! And I agree with Barb, you are absolutely a seamstress who can create something from a picture, not a pattern like the rest of us sewing slobs, from a PICTURE!! I can't wait to see Jamie in this outfit. She has got to be ready to burst with the anticipation of debuting this!!

  3. Wow! Great costumes, especially the clever GlaDOS one! I'll look forward to seeing the finished Loki costume. If I had more time, I'd be into cosplay; I'm casually into costuming, and I can be quite the obsessive fangirl! But I do so many things that I have to limit my hobbies somehow...

  4. Wow Annette. These outfits are amazing and I look forward to viewing more. The piccies are fabulous



  5. Wow! How fun and addictive too, I bet! My son is a gamer and writer of gaming manuals so he's done Gen Con and Comic-Con sans costumes though so far... You're such an awesome mom helping with what promises to be an awesome outfit!

  6. I have sewn for years and I'm not so sure I would have taken THAT project on, Great Job Annette! Looks like to me you ARE a seamstress!!! Looking forward to seeing "Loki Jamie"!

  7. Wowsers. Great costume. I hope she has fun

  8. My oldest became obsessed with anime this past year. She bought the miku hatsume costume to wear for Halloween (wig and all too!) . She would be so jealous of your dd going!
    Amazing job on the costume!

  9. Amazing! My daughter is so jealous! She just went to her first con in Sept. she dressed as Fem Canada, a costume we made without being seamstresses :) how much are you selling the Len costume for? My email is Can't wait to see the final pics!

  10. Forgot to add that my daughter answered the questions about the characters in the first picture to help me win a prize from you! You do beautiful work!!!

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  12. Wow!!! The costume is outrageously cool. I love all those pics you shared. My favorite is the white face with the funky eye... creepy and awesome, all at once!


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