First Day of High School

First day of high school. High school? Oh my god, high school! 

How did this get here so fast?

We were joking at the dinner table last night how when Jamie was little, we could get her to do anything we wanted by challenging her like it was a contest. "Eat your zucchini like you're on Survivor. If you finish it all you win!" She'd start shoveling that zucchini like her life depended on it. Or  if she was nervous about the dentist, I'd tell her to pretend that she was a warrior going into battle. To be strong and don't let the enemy get to you. It worked.  (most of the time)

It was so simple back then.

Now, complex issues enter into the mix. Feelings, perceptions, insecurities. Add some rampant hormone fluxes and things get even trickier.

So when she started talking about feeling nervous and almost sick-feeling on her first day of high school, we couldn't really employ our usual tactics. We offered support, told her it was perfectly normal to be nervous, encouraged her that in a week or so things would settle into a routine. The usual stuff. I found myself missing the days where we could challenge her with some silly, yet effective, means of dealing with these situations. 

I guess this is what they call growing up. 

Pushing them out of the nest. 

Sink or swim. 

All that stuff.

I know she'll be fine. She'll see that it's not as bad as she thought. She'll settle in soon enough. And she'll have a great high school experience. She's always been the type to adapt well, make quick friends, and have a good time.

But I know how she's feeling. And as much as I am already loving the peace and quiet in the house right now, I know that I'll be thinking about her all day and watching the clock for her return.

I hope it's a great first day.


  1. Wow, school already?! Ours doesn't start for another month. Your area must be out a month earlier than us...

    Time goes so fast. My youngest will be entering Jr. High this fall. Makes me a little sad.

  2. No school here yet and mine are all grown. But I do remember the hard times teenagers go through.
    Lots of love,patience and understanding.
    Hugs, Amy Jo

  3. My daughter is still a month away from her first day of high school, but is already starting to feel those same jitters. I'm sure your daughter had a great first day. Let us know, so I can use it to reassure my daughter that it really will be ok!

  4. Thanks for the comments. Jamie had a good first day. Very nervous throughout the day, but did just fine. She said all the other freshmen seemed nervous and shy too. I'll be sure to post a follow-up on how she's doing in a few weeks when she's in a routine. Thanks again!

  5. Oh Annette, I will be doing this on less than a month's time with my middle daughter. She will start her first day of high school, too. I also have my youngest starting her first day of middle will be a crazy September. It is nice to see everything will be okay!


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