Artiste cartridge and Dakota

All week I'm posting creations with Close To My Heart's new Artiste Cricut cartridge and newest paper lines. Today's feature is the Dakota paper packet which is perfect for those masculine-themed projects.

It's Movie Night and the feature is an old-fashioned Western...

Literally every cut in these two projects is from the cartridge. And they came together in a snap.
Popcorn box: pg. 67, 4 inches
Candy bar wrapper and band: pg. 42, 5 1/2 inches.

The movie film reel is from page 67 cut at 1 inch. You have to cut two pieces and connect them. 
The words Movie Night are on the same page, cut at 3/4 inches then glued to the film reel.
The stars are from page 68 cut at 1 1/2 inches and the one stamped with "Super" uses one of the exclusive stamp sets which comes with the Artiste bundle.

I love the woodgrain in this B&T paper, and the zip strip off the top of the paper is great as an added embellishment going around the candy wrapper. The mustache is on page 67, cut at 1/2 inch and the tickets are on the same page, cut at 3/4 inches.

That's it for today. Stay tuned for more tomorrow and have a great day!

(Guess who's eating popcorn and chocolate for breakfast right now...)


  1. You know I just love these....being a western gal and all! Fantastic!

  2. Fabulous! I just love your creations...and can not thank you enough for sharing page #s and cut sizes. Will be making a "movie night' box!

  3. Love your projects and your blogspot is great!
    Hope you are safe from Issac and have a blessed day.
    I will be visiting your blog often.

  4. I just love the candy wrapper .the mustache embellishment was perfect


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