Stamp Fest Orlando

Every summer Stamp Fest comes to town, and since Orlando is only a short 45 minutes away, I always grab some gal pals, hit the road early (with a Starbucks stop on the way, of course) and get there when the doors open.

The plan of attack - ALWAYS - is to hit the Stampers Anonymous booth first. And if any money is left after that, we continue to shop the other vendors. So that's what we did.

Ted Cutts, Mr. Stampers Anonymous himself, is always a pleasure to visit with each year. He takes the time to chat with us ladies as long as we want. And he's always got a story or two to share. This particular morning, he had already been to the emergency room with one of his helpers who wasn't feeling well.

People always flock around Ted as he whips up tags showcasing techniques and products. These lucky little girls waited patiently for a custom Ted tag. They were delighted when he handed it over.

You may have noticed something on Ted's apron...

I made this the night before. I used all things Tim, from the Tick-Tock die, Alpha Parts letters, mini gears, and clock spinners. (The photo of Ted was from two years ago when I first met him.) I signed the back and added a pin-back to it so he could wear it as a name tag during Stamp Fest. He sure seemed to like it!

Here's just SOME of the loot I came home with. What isn't in the picture is already stored away in my Idea-ology bins.

This was a beautiful sample display at Darcie's booth. I think this was probably one of their biggest sellers of the weekend (everyone was buying one) and what a fantastic deal! It was a pack with ink jet printable images on a CD of "Vintage Trinkets" and also included ink jet printable shrink plastic to make these and many other projects. There are over 150 images on the CD and I can't wait to play with them!!

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for projects I'll be sharing that have been on the back burner over the past year. July is my "Get 'Er Done" month.

As always, thanks for stopping by. Have a great day!


  1. Isn't Ted the BEST?! His smile is like Mario's, so infectuous! Looks like a whole lotta goodness going on at your house. Can't wait to see what you create!

  2. hello! my name is Joanne. i really enjoy looking through your blog every month. you really inspire me to be more creative^^ while looking through your blog i came across a online shop, "close to my heart". i would really want to purchase from them however,i am from Singapore and i am ensure of how to. could you be a darling and tell me how?

  3. Great synopsis of the trip, Annette. It was a great day of crafty goodness. Can't wait to break out my Darcie CD and play too!


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