"Go Big Money!"

"I mean GO. It's your break, honey."

What fun we had last night at my friend (& neighbor) Patty's party. 

What a weird mix of characters our little family was this year...

Chuck Norris, Flo from Progressive, and a zombie nurse. 

Here's our grand hostess Patty who pulls together this fantastic Halloween party every year. So much delicious food and drink and everyone dresses up in costume. It's awesome! Thank you Patty for all the hard work and fantastic food and fun. You are truly still a kid at heart.

We initiated our new neighbors Michelle and Jeremy at this year's party. They were great as the Blues Brothers.

Ellen and Greg. Lady bug and Flamingo....?

Jen was so clever as sushi.

Tom and Dotty as the king and queen. 

Joyce and Jeff came as a 1940's film star and director.

Thankfully not many people recognized my sweet, pretty Jamie in this get-up. She altered her store-bought costume and did her own make-up. Here she's eating a piece of ham with ketchup on it. 

Sure doesn't look like the same kid to me.

Jamie and her new neighbor pals. Finally some friends her own age to hang with!

Flo's getting a little chest action with Chuck Norris.

"Unicorns and glitter!"

Hope your Halloween is fun! Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I love your photos, Flo...er, Annette! Sounds like a great time, and you look adorable!

  2. You make an adorable Flo!! Have a "spooktacular" Halloween! :)


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