Lucky Dad - another card

My dad is lucky enough to get a double dose of card-making love in June since his birthday is a week before Father's Day.

Today I had a fabulous time making this Tim Holtz-inspired Father's Day card.

There are so many products used to make this card, I'll just list them at the bottom. 

My dad, as I mentioned in my previous post, owns his own advertising agency (excuse me, "Marketing & Communications Firm") and more often than not, he is the main photographer for most of his client work. He is a fantastic photographer that seems to know his cameras intimately. You can often find him perched high atop a crane boom photographing a cruise ship, or organizing a group of folks on the beach for a publicity shot. It's only a portion of what he does, and does really well. You can view some of his award-winning photos here.

With that being said, you can see why I chose the images I did for my card.

Ever since I can remember, my dad has had a camera in his hands. And thank goodness for that, because we have so many wonderful photos of us kids growing up, going on family vacations, and enjoying holidays. Not just still images either. He's got boxes of film reels of silent movies too. I will always remember the family getting together to watch those films; the sound of this film reel spinning in the projector, the grainy texture of the images, the giggles in the darkened room over the hairstyles and clothes, and the reaction of my daughter and my husband seeing me when I was little. I could hardly stand the wait of rewinding the reel so we could load up another.

Now my dad is in the time-consuming process of converting those reels to DVD, in order to preserve them. You never know what will become of those reels over time, and although I will miss the movie-projector experience, I know this is probably for the best.

I always loved that Dad was there taking our pictures; and believe me, I was front and center with my best smile when he was snapping photos. "Hug your brother," "Show me your present Santa gave you," or "Keep your eyes open" were common commands that I was happy to oblige. And now looking back, I'm so thankful for that.

Products used today:
(All are Tim Holtz unless otherwise specified)

• Lost & Found paper stack
• Polka dot and striped paper (7 Gypsies, Barcelona papers)
• Type Charms
• Hanger Clips
• Filmstrip stamp
• Filmstrip ribbon
• Curious Possibilities stamp set
• Playful Journey stamp set
• Curiosities stamp set

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