Friday, March 4, 2011

Frugal Friday - Coffee Card

I woke up this morning and realized I hadn't created something for today's Frugal Friday post. I had to work out, get kid ready for school, walk and feed dog, and have a quick coffee date with hubby who is off work today. Thus the reason for my tardiness.

While standing at the Starbucks counter, I noticed brochures, booklets and such that were FREE for the taking.

So I took.

I decide today I would use these items to create a gift card holder...

Everything here was free (the gift card was, well, a gift) with the exception of the little paper sack which costs maybe a few coins. I found a pack of these paper sacks at my local craft store in a pack of 25 for cheap.

Of course I needed a stamp set to help me along in my coffee-themed card. I just got a cute coffee stamp set called "coffee4two" from The Stamps of Life. I love all the phrases and images in this set. Above I stamped and embossed the to-go cup with black embossing powder. Then I stamped the cup image again on the corrugated side of my Starbucks coffee sleeve and cut it out to fit.

Inking the edges with Cocoa ink helped to give the cup more dimension. Same thing with the sleeve.

I slid the gift card into that tiny sack and folded back the excess at the bottom so the gift card stuck out a little. I stamped "java time" in black and then used a spoon image that I cut out of the Starbucks booklet.

Then I started tearing and cutting out text and images that I liked from the booklet, ink-distressing the edges and over the tops too.

I collaged these elements onto another stamped coffee to-go cup and cut around it. This will serve as the back side of the card with the gift card & paper sack sandwiched between.

Here's the finished back view.

And here's the front. I used thick foam tape to sandwich the front to the back, and the gift card paper sack is adhered to both so it stays in place.

Now.... if there were only money on this gift card.... I tend to use them, and save them. I know I can reload the same card, but then I wouldn't have lots of different gift cards.



  1. Wow Annette, how creative!! That would be my fav type of card to get! I love the inking and how you placed everything. Great job!

  2. Love this! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I really liked the idea of reusing pamphlets from the store where you purchased the gift card. Sheesh -- so creative, and truly "outside the box".

  4. Brilliant! Love how you re-purposed the Freebies and made an awesome card from them!


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