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Last week was a busy one. Sorry to slack on the blog, but I was busy preparing for my big Spring/Summer Idea Book Open House as well as a Valentine card workshop at our local military base. (my first one there). The weekend was a big success and I can't wait to get rolling again with new creative ideas!
I'm always so proud and happy to be involved with a company that not only allows me to work at home doing what I love, but at the same allows me to help donate to a wonderful organization like Operation Smile. Thanks to my wonderful and generous Close To My Heart customers, we have reached the $240 amount for yet another Operation Smile surgery! (I believe this is my fourth one in two years' time.) So I thank them so much, especially Sherry Fralic, Patty Rogers, DiAnn Denson, and Jacki Ciminera, plus the many others who always add a few bucks here and there every time they order.
And some of you might not know that every time you order any My Acrylix stamp sets from CTMH, a portion of that sale goes to Operation Smile too.
Since I don't have artwork to share yet today, I thought I'd share an Operation Smile story with you. In case you don't know about Operation Smile, you can check them out here. 
Please read this cute little girl's story...

When Molyny was just 29 days old, she was abandoned at a missionary center by her family. Nuns there did their best to nurture her. But the child's cleft lip and palate made feeding difficult. Molyny was underweight and susceptible to illness. Still, the nuns refused to give up. Molyny’s cheerful nature had captured their hearts.
They brought her to an Operation Smile medical mission in Phnom Penh when she was just nine months old. The cleft lip surgery she received by Operation Smile's medical volunteers worked wonders. Soon Molyny had gained weight and started to speak. She's now well on her way to a bright future.

Check out Molyny now, after her surgery...


It makes my heart hurt to know that she was initially tossed aside by her family because of this deformity, but oftentimes it's a difficult decision the parents are forced to make simply because of their own inadequate living situation. No one is to blame, but many are to thank now that she and others are living happy, healthy lives.

I hope you'll take a moment the next time you order with your Close To My Heart consultant to round up your order to the next dollar or two for this great organization. It's so simple.


  1. Hi I just happend to find your blog and I am a mother of a child that was born with a full bilateral cleft lip and palate so I know how the family must have felt like my son is the 12th person in my sons fathers family to have it, it is genetic and there has been a 13th born with it so far in the family my son is now 4 years old and still having surgery when needed, he has had a total of 8 of them on various things needed, he is doing very well and getting better at speech so I can relate to the family and to others with children that are born with this.


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