Frugal Friday - Daily Dose of Candy

This week's Frugal Friday item is this clear, plastic bottle from my local craft store for 67 cents. I found them on the aisle with colored sand crafts.

I put my hand in the photo so you can see the size relationship. They are about the size of a large pill bottle, and although they appear like a round cylindrical shape, then are more oval therefore looking more like the pill bottle I had in mind.

Then I went on the hunt to find small round or flat candies that looked like pills. Aside from those mini M&M's the best I could find were these Sixlets at WalMart. I think they look more like mini gumballs. I would have preferred M&M's but they only had the primary colors and I wanted more Spring colors. One bag of Sixlets cost $2.68 and filled these five bottles perfectly.

I wanted to make a label that looked like something on a pill bottle, or perhaps in an old-fashioned candy store, so I pulled out my "Tasty Treats" stamp set (D1427) from Close To My Heart and stamped five different colored labels and cut each one out.

(Too bad I couldn't figure out how to add to the label: Take two, twenty times daily.)

Using CMTH's Bonding Memories glue, I stuck the labels to the candy bottles, added some coordinating ribbon and now I have some cute little gifts to give out to my Cards & More Club girls tonight.

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy your Friday making something creative with cheap stuff!


  1. You could use your dymo label maker to add the "prescription". Maybe they have pastel colored tape?? Cute idea!

  2. Very cute! Sixlets use to be my favorite penny candy when I was a little girl!

  3. That is so cute! I'm going to make that for my little brother tonight.

  4. I love being a Cards and More member....such 'sweet' rewards.


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