Prizes (& laughs) from Tim Holtz & my Re-cap from Halloween

I was just about to blog about our Halloween, but just came back from the mailbox and received my prizes (and a few laughs) from Tim Holtz!

You'll see what I mean...

First, I had to take a photo of the package. (I know, I'm like some crazy stalker, right?). I wasn't sure if Tim wanted all my followers to have his mailing address so I blurred that out just in case.

Then I open the box and here's this wonderfully creepy little skeleton on top!

And then, a package of Tim's "Hobgoblin" Tissue Tape. I love this stuff and will show you what you can do with it in a future blog. 

And AWESOME! Next was one of his new Halloween Bigz Dies called "Raven & Scaredy Cat." Oh do I love this one. Maybe I'll just continue Halloween for another week...

Finally, there in the bottom of the box were two unwrapped candy corns. I cracked up! Now, just in case you wondered, I did NOT eat them. But crazy as I am, I might just seal them up and save them forever.

Why did I win these goodies from Tim? I visit his blog every single day and I comment every time. It just turned out that I got lucky on a give-away day where he selected 13 winners that left a comment Halloween day.

So, go check him out if you haven't yet. He's amazing and such an inspiration!

Now back to Halloween night here in Melbourne, Florida. You might have already seen the family portrait in my previous post. A couple people on Facebook actually suggested we use that photo for our Christmas card!

I don't think so.

My daughter likes this one because of the red-eye effect. She did her own make-up and hair, by the way. I did mine and Paul's.

Man, I can't believe this is my Paulie! He sure can get ugly fast.

The first Halloween party is our tradition each year at our neighbor Patty's house. She goes ALL out and cooks a ton of fabulous food, decorates her beautiful home all festive and creepy, and even gives the kids presents! It was a big gathering of friends and family. We had a great time.

Wow, it scares me how naturally Paul fell into his role of zombie. Here he is with Lenny, Patty's husband. His shirt says New York Chokies. I guess that was his costume.

Then it was off to Tamra's party. Tamra has been a customer, friend and is now a consultant with me. Every square inch of her house was decorated for Halloween. It was great! Check out those lashes.

The minute I walked in the door, I was scanning the crowd and all the great costumes. I didn't even recognize my friend Christine sitting on the couch with her hubby. She looks nothing like this! Their costumes were so elaborate and authentic looking.

Now get a load of this sexy one. This is my friend DiAnn. I'm cracking up because this is so NOT what she usually looks like. Although she is a pretty lady, she dresses simply, wears no make-up and pins her hair up all the time. I finally got a look at the wild side of DiAnn this night. She's got this long, beautiful ponytail coming down her back that I thought was a hairpiece. But it's all her!

This is Tamra's husband Todd who is truly a gun-enthusiast in real life. So you can imagine my fright when I walked in the door and saw him holding this huge rifle-like weapon (AK-47?) only to find out it was plastic. It was funny to see Todd all duded up like this, especially when he picked up their little dog Reese and was talking sweet and nuzzling her.

And finally this little guy who was crawling around and pulling up on us to give us a big Super Baby smile. He was the friendliest little fella ever, and so cute! 

Well, that's it for me. Lots to do yet to get ready for my big Candlewood Crop this Saturday, so I better get busy.

Enjoy your day!


  1. So funny Annette, strange to see me looking like that too! Great that you won from Tim Holtz, your second love!! Maybe you should do a few more Halloween things, got to play with the stuff. See Ya Di

  2. Oh good grief. I don't know which is funnier...the candy corn from T.H. or the sight of y'all in your costumes. SPOOKYYYYY!!!!!

  3. Great costumes for everyone. Looks like everybody had fun...


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