Monday, October 25, 2010

Flamingo Gals Flock Together

This past Saturday was my quarterly Close To My Heart team meeting with my cherished Flamingo Gals. We met to celebrate and welcome new members, recognize accomplishments, do a fun make-n-take project, and share ideas.

Although not every single "Gal" was present (we are now 18 strong!) we did share the company of the wonderful women in the photo above. Front row, left to right: Debbie Tuggle, Shannon DiGiacomo, and Jacki Tibbitts. Back row, left to right: Harmony Cook, Deb Young, myself, and Tamra Pope. (Note: I had to PhotoShop myself into this picture!)

We welcomed Shannon to the flock by initiating her with the traditional "Welcome to the Flock" hang tag and a pink boa hair clip (standard issue for Convention).

Isn't she cute? What a great addition to the team she is, too. Full of energy and enthusiasm, and smart as a whip!

And she's a go-getter for sure. She's already attained her first level of "Straight To The Top" with Close To My Heart. STTT is a sales incentive for new consultants in their first three months. By making a minimum sales level in each month, consultants earn more and more FREE product credits! She also earned a free stamp set from me and her STTT hang tag.

Tamra earned the coveted Flamingo Gals crown for Top Sales this quarter. (The crown is my newest addition to the silliness at my meetings) Tamra's sales were $1,257 for the quarter!  Tamra also won a Hooligans Level 2 paper pack and her Top Sales hang tag. You might notice the blingy K on her tag. This is my "Special K" award to those who earn at least a thousand dollars in sales for the quarter. Some consultants sometimes earn several Special K's!

Other top earners were Jacki, Deb and Yenisa Jones who couldn't attend.

All consultants received a little gift of a monogrammed tissue pack for taking the time our of their Saturday to attend the meeting.

We covered a lot of new information at the meeting, making sure everyone understood the upcoming November Constant Campaign, the new enhancements and incentives for Studio J online scrapbooking, our latest offering of Online Gatherings, the 2011 Idea Book(s), and next summer's Convention in California at the Disney Hotel.

You'll have to stay tuned for more details on all those topics, right here!

Meanwhile, it's great to be a Close To My Heart consultant. I've never enjoyed a job more than this one, and I've never had the opportunity to meet and make as many good friends as I have with CTMH. If you ever think you might like the idea of joining my team, just let me know and you can sit in on our next meeting in January so you can see for yourself what fun there is to be had. No pressure, I promise.

Now it's time to get the creative juices flowing. Thanks for stopping by! I'll finish off with a few close-ups of those hang tags I had so much fun making...


  1. I love the flamingos. Sounds like a fun time. See you soon

  2. Thank you so much for the accolades! I hope that I can live up to all the hype! I <3 being a Flamingo Gal!


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