Wednesday, September 15, 2010

King for a Day - Happy Birthday Paul

A little scruffy-looking here, but that's how I like him. That's my Paulie. My hubby turns 52 today. Happy Birthday honey.

I made him this "King for a Day" card and was so caught up with my own morning routine, forgot to give it to him or even to say the words "Happy Birthday" to him. Since we're getting together with his parents this evening for cake, I guess I was just focused on that part of the day. So now, he'll just have to settle for "King for a Night."

I still think it's a teeny-bit sad that as we get older, birthdays become no big deal. I still like parties and presents and lots of friends and fun! Not Paul. He's okay just letting the day pass by. (Although when I didn't say Happy Birthday this morning, he sort of pouted about it in a very cute, handsome guy way.)

Paul is one of those guys who knows exactly who he is. Nothing and no one ever alters that. I admire that about him. He's one of those guy's guys. He plays hockey, he swears, and he is flat-out hilarious. He's tough and although he wants us all to think he's got absolutely no soft side to him at all, he can often be caught loving on our dog Suki and talking to her sweetly when he doesn't think anyone's around.

He's absolutely the best husband anyone could ask for. (In case he's reading this, he'll need to keep his ego in check and remember that he could still use a little work in the romance department.) Seriously, this guy is my rock, my friend, and my one true love.

How many husbands do you know that do the dishes every night? Or fold laundry while watching TV at night? Or vacuum for his wife when he sees how busy she is?  This guy has been there for me at my worst too, such as a food poisoning nightmare to name just one incidence. He's always here for me no matter what.

A great dad and a wonderful son, Paul works very hard for everyone in his family. He's a firm but caring father and a patient, helpful son. He is constantly helping care for his aging parents with their finances, things around the house, and giving his 89-year-old mother a bath twice a week.

Why not call a nurse for this? They're family and that's what they do. Being Japanese, his mother is very private and wouldn't have it any other way and he understands that.

When he's not helping the family, he's working at the Cape. He's an engineer for United Launch Alliance here in Cape Canaveral, Florida. His focus is the Delta IV rocket in particular. I love this picture of him at work because it's nice to know that he's important to the space program. (He'll chuckle at that one.) But honestly, I think it's cool that he plays such a big part in putting that huge rocket up in the sky.

So Happy Birthday to my Paulie! I leave you with a few photos of him over the years that I like...


  1. Great guy card! I'm sure your hubby loved it :o) I have a blog award for you on my blog - your work is so inspiring, and I keep bumping into it everywhere I go! How can I not appreciate someone who loves coffee-themed cards? Have a great day!

  2. Paul is the best, that is for sure! And that young picture looks JUST like Jamie!! You should do a side-by-side of the two of them! Happy Birthday, Paul!

  3. Your post was so sweet! My husband does all those things, but sometimes it takes another wife mentioning how great it is, to really see it! Happy Birthday to your hubby!!

  4. What a sweet tribute to your hubby! Happy Birthday Paul!!!

  5. Great card - but your blog post is a real gift!
    (I can see that you already know you've got a winner here!)



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