Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pre-Convention Day

Here I am! I am here in D.C. at the beautiful Gaylord National. My Air Tran flight from Orlando was smooth and speedy, arriving here at 1:08 this afternoon. After a pricey taxi ride with my fellow consultant/friend Vicki (we think he took the long way) we checked in and got settled in our rooms. While awaiting my roomie Deb's arrival, I hung out with Vicki and Janice, both from the Orlando group. We had lunch near the hotel, checked out a few shops, and walked around a bit. Let me tell you: It is HOT here! I'm from Florida where it was a balmy 83 degrees yesterday, and when the plane was landing here in D.C. this afternoon, the pilot announced it was 101 degrees here. Icky-sticky!

We came back to the hotel, explored a bit, then retired back to our rooms. I had totally forgotten about my suitcase earlier, so decided to unpack. I was a little apprehensive to open the suitcase since I had packed a bottle of red wine from home. When I opened the bag, the first thing I saw was this...

This is my scrapbook tote will all my millions of pens, pencils, blades, and so forth totally strewn all over the place. Thank goodness I had the liquids in little ziploc bags!

The good news is...

the wine was safe.

Deb finally arrived and we all had a late dinner at the local bar and grill, laughing like school girls, talking about the next few days of excitement to come. I'm super tired now and off to take a long hot shower. Looking forward to sharing more tomorrow!


  1. Thank God the wine was safe, hope you enjoy every last drop. Looking forward to convention through Annette's eyes, lol. Have a great time!

  2. Holy Moly, you were brave to pack that!!! Could you imagine?? I'd just buy a bottle when I got there. You are too funny! Have fun! xoxo!

  3. Boy wish I was there! Looks like you will have a great time. Can't wait to hear all the excitment and find out about your scrapbook. Be safe and check in with you tomorrow. lol Di

  4. I'm so glad your wine didn't break! What happened with the tools? Did they get that way from rough handling or did someone go through your luggage?

  5. Awesome! Thanks for all the pictures. Enjoy for you and for ME!


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