Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Preparing for Convention

Close To My Heart's annual Convention is coming up this July, and if you've ever been to something like this, you already know that it's an extremely fun time. And that's really putting it mildly. I am actually busting at the seams, hardly able to wait the next 13 days until it's time to get on that plane to Washington, D.C. We'll be at the Gaylord Palms, which looks amazing. If it's anything like ours in Orlando, it's sure to be wonderful.

Part of getting ready for Convention is getting my team ready too. They can technically handle it, I'm sure, without me, but I like to be the one to stir up the excitement! So last night, six gals from my team (we're the "Flamingo Gals" since we're from sunny Florida) came over for a little kick-off party. Picture pink balloons, flamingo themed decorations, and pizza! I made up these little bags for everyone using craft items around my room. Inside the bags are some survival items such as tissues (there's a lot of heartfelt moments at Convention and none of us had tissues last time), a pink box of Hello Kitty bandaids (in case someone gets carried away at one of the Create & Takes), a miniature tin of Altoids (in case someone sits next to me after having a big cup of coffee), a big Flamingo brad to attach to their name badge, and a handmade business card holder (so they can meet new friends and exchange info.) We spent some time going over our plans for Convention, what to bring, our agenda, etc. but most of all laughing. I have such a great group of girls and I wish ALL of them could come, but I'm sure the seven of us will have an excellent time.

During the day, while making up these bags, the good old Fed Ex guy showed up two days early with my iPad! I almost hugged him right then and there, but instead I opted for jumping up and down like a three-year-old. It killed me to have that package and not be able to open it and play with my new toy. But work had to be done first.

After finishing the bags, I finally had a few minutes to check it out, and then after the "Gals" left, I spent more time getting to know it better. Let me tell you, it's truly FABULOUS.

Naturally, my 12 and a half year-old loves it as much as I do. We both stayed up a little too late last night downloading Apps and choosing an e-Book.

Initially, when the iPad came out, I was going to wait a year, but with Convention coming and my need to stay connected not only to YOU but to my family, I felt it was time to go ahead and get it. This way, I can blog about Convention (sadly, without photos since the item I need to accomplish that is on back order) each day and slip e-mails to my daughter here and there. She loves to hear about what we're doing each day.

So keep an eye on my blog come July 6 - 10 and I'll share my fun at Convention 2010. I have a feeling there will be LOTS to share!


  1. Yippee! Have fun with your iPad!

  2. I'm excited, and I'm not going this time! Enjoy and be inspired! I love your team bags - and can just picture the delivery of the I-Pad. How exciting!


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