Thursday, March 4, 2010

Why I Love Scrapbook Kits

First off, let me say that I am one of those scrapbookers that usually takes hours to create one layout, loaded with details and carefully balanced. I simply enjoy it. It's an art form for me. But as we all know, there is not a lot of extra time for these types of luxuries. I normally would not be a "kit" scrapbooker, but I have to say that I have been really enjoying Close To My Heart's Level 1 scrapbook kits tremendously.

Pictured above is the typical contents of a Level 1 kit, and here's why I like them...
• Four base pages on thick cardstock. that you can turn any which way you like.
• Two Background & Texture papers which are two-sided for more options
• Two 6 x 12 sheets of nice, cardstock-thick stickers. (one is always an alphabet set)

Pictured below is what I did with my "You Rock" Level 1 kit. Once I decide exactly what I'll use these pages for, I'll add more of the alphabet stickers to personalize my theme.

As a consultant for Close To My Heart, I make these designed pages available as a complete Kit of the Month with instructions for cutting the papers, color photos to follow the layouts, and a tips section for more details. The cost of these kits is $13 through me exclusively, not orderable online. (evidently orderable is not actually a word, but guess what?.. it is now!) I've been creating these Kits of the Month for several years now, so if there's ever a Level 1 Kit that you've had your eye on in the past few years, I probably have a Kit of the Month for it. They don't expire as long as the Level 1 kit isn't retired. So just contact me via my e-mail if you're interested.

If you're a detailed scrapbooker, don't shy away from kits. They are great! And I doubt anyone will notice much of a difference if you scrapbooked with a kit or pulled the pages together the more traditional route. Kits are easy, fun and fast. That's the kind of scrapbooking that we all need.

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