Video Woes

This layout was supposed to be my sample for my first video. The topic of this video is Chipboard Techniques in Scrapbooking. But there are a lot of other techniques in this one layout too. For example, the flower has been created with two ribbons stitched and pulled tight so they form a circle. It's so easy and turns out so nicely! There's edge distressing, sewing, and some stamping techniques also.

But back to the video. I made it, it turned out pretty darn good, but I can't get it to post to Blogger or to YouTube. I have been wracking my brain, calling around, but no one can solve the mystery. We do know that my version of iMovie is rather old and that might be part of the problem. So if I wish to continue making videos, it means a new computer, which would be fantastic, but of course expensive right now for me.

I am really excited to share the video, so I will keep looking into this and promise to figure it out soon. Stay tuned!


  1. This layout is beautiful. Even I might be able to make the ribbon flower...LOL ! I hope you'll show me how you did that the next time I see you. Can't wait for the video.


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