Thursday, March 18, 2010

Easter Treat Holder 1

Hey! Hope you are having a good day. I'm busy, busy getting ready for my Cards & More Club which is tonight. Still don't have everything cut and ready, but if I can just tear myself off this computer, I'll get it done in a jiffy.

With my daughter being 12, Easter isn't what it used to be. It's still nice and we'll get together with my family for a big dinner, and Jamie will still get a little Easter basket with goodies, and probably insist that we color and hide eggs. That's all cool and fun. I just miss the look on her face first thing Easter morning when she was little, finding what the Easter bunny left for her, and the wonder in her eyes when she saw that he ate the carrot we put out for him the night before. (He never ate the whole thing because I'm sure he was eatin' carrots all night all over the globe. Sometimes we'd put some Ranch dressing out too, just to keep it interesting.)

Now when my daughter even says the words Easter Bunny, she has to use the finger quotes. But that's okay. Just another chapter in life we all go through.

The key to keeping it happy each year no matter how old you get is simply using the holiday as a really good reason to make cute little goody-gifts to give to people. (I'm sure my more religious friends want to expound on the true meaning of Easter. I know, I know. I grew up Catholic, don't worry, I know.) I'm just talking about the bunny side of Easter here.

As I make my little gifts, I'll share them with you and maybe you'd like to try a few yourself. Or inspire ME with what YOU'VE created.

I found this super cute little mini milk carton die through my Stampin' Up consultant, Grace Benjamin, and knew I had to have it. It's a SU exclusive die, so you can only get it through them. I used my Coluzzle circle cutter to make a hole in the front to see through. Those clips at the top are from Making Memories and they hold the carton closed.

Inside I filled little clear treat bags with this Chick Feed I found at WalMart. So cute 'cause they look like little eggs. They're chocolate covered sunflower seeds and they are yummy.

Here's a bunch of them in different Spring colors. I had such fun making these. Can't wait to make more. Watch for more ideas from me as we lead up to Easter.


  1. You are funny! Your treat containers are adorable!! You can still hide the carrot for Suki, and now share the REAL meaning of Easter with Jamie by making some Resurrection Eggs! You can find the instructions on my blog here:

  2. FUN! Now I have to go find me some Chick Feed. Chocolate sunflower seeds - awesome! Those are soooo cute, mommy!


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