Are Videos Part of My Journey?

If you enjoy the comic strip ZITS as much as I do, you'll like this one. Did you see it a few days ago?

Not a lot of time today for creativity unfortunately. I did manage to go to Michaels and get some cute things for a Valentine card for my daughter, so I'll post that soon. Meanwhile, I've been cruising around the web in between appointments and stuff, and find myself getting so totally overwhelmed with the amount of information regarding papercrafting. I know you can relate. One can spend hours upon hours looking at products, ideas, innovations, trends, and watching YouTube videos. Which has me thinking... perhaps that's something I should try next. I think I would love to create videos to share with you! Could this be another part of my creative journey? I think so. So I'll spend some time thinking that over and researching the materials I'll need, then get back to you. Meanwhile, if you want to share your thoughts on this, please do!


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