The winner of the Scrapbook Kit is...

Congrats to Sherry Fralic who posted a comment to my post "Quick Little Handmade Gifts". Sherry will receive the "Sweet Home" Level 1 Scrapbook Kit from me! Thank you to everyone who posted such nice comments on my posts. I am having such fun using the Christmas items I've made over the past few months, and so very glad to hear that you all, too, are using yours and making people happy.

Take a peek at my doctored photo we used for the cover of our family Christmas card this year. (Click on it to get a good close-up view.) We sent it to all of our out-of-towners who don't see us often. After looking at the photo, go back to my earlier post "Still a Kid..." You'll see the original photo there. I told my husband when I opened that photo for the first time in my computer, I thought this photo would be perfect for a Christmas card if I was single. He said, "Well, why don't you add me and Jamie as little elves." What a great idea! So I Photoshopped them in there, changed their clothes to green, added some elf hats (from Google images), added a photo of Suki (our Sheltie) and then finished it all off with soft shadows to make them really seem like they're in the photo rather than a cardboard cut-out, and VOILA! I guess those years as a graphic designer weren't a total waste.


  1. Great job in Photoshop, and thanks so much for the kit !!


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