Stocking Stuffer Mini Journal/Pen Set

Not a new idea. It's been around a while. But I still can't resist these little composition books. They are tiny versions of the original and you can find them in office supply stores and good old WalMart for less than a dollar. Add some scraps from your paper stash and some ribbon and you have a cute little gift idea or stocking stuffer. The pens are Pentel RSVP ballpoint pens (originally found them at WalMart but recently can only find them at Office Depot). Sure, you can embellish them even more with flowers, brads, metal findings or more, but these are simple and streamlined so you can throw one in your purse and not worry about stuff getting ripped off or damaged. Follow along through the photos to see how easy they are to make.

Start off with the little composition book and the Pentel pen...

Then grab some papers and start cutting. I use 3 coordinating papers and matching ribbon, cut to the dimensions shown here.

I ink all the edges of the papers with a Chocolate color on a sponge.

I use a good strong craft glue stick to adhere the papers to the book.

I add the papers and the strip to the cover, trimming as necessary and re-inking edges as needed.

The back cover.

Inside front cover.

I adhered the ribbon to the inside back cover of the book.

Then I added the paper to the inside back cover, covering up the ribbon nicely.

I rolled up the piece of paper for the pen using a kabob skewer. It needs to be rolled pretty tight to fit inside the pen. I took the pen apart...

and inserted the paper into the pen.

I screwed the pen back together. This is how it looks.

The ribbon serves as a bookmark. This set is cute with CTMH's Grace paper pack don't you think?

Okay, I know this isn't the same book and pen. This is another one I made. I finish off the set by packaging it in a cello treat bag and tie it off with coordinating ribbon. I made six of these today for a teacher friend of mine who ordered them for gifts to give her volunteers at school. I enjoyed making them so much, I'm off to WalMart in the morning to get more composition books. Try one of these sometime. They are super fun!


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