The Awesome Face

I wouldn't have known what the heck the "Awesome Face" was unless I had a pre-teen. The way my 12-year-old describes it, it's a face that someone came up with and whenever you see it attached to anything, it automatically makes it "awesome." So for her birthday cake for today's party we decorated it with the Awesome Face, of course. So does that make the cake automatically awesome? The answer, I can only assume, is YES. We used M&M's and chocolate chips. The cake is dark chocolate fudge with my mom's peanut butter frosting recipe.

I'm thinking of making myself an Awesome Face button to wear everyday, so that she will always think I am an awesome mom.

While I've got your attention, I highly recommend visiting Tim Holtz blog and checking out his 12 Tags of Christmas. If you like the vintage, altered style, be prepared to be blown away. He makes 12 tags each year and I've been following him a couple years now. I like to create my favorite one(s) using some of his products plus stuff I have in my stash. I love all of his tags so much this year! (They should have an Awesome Face attached to them.)


  1. Very cute cake. :) I've never heard of the "awesome face"

  2. It tasted as awesome as the cake looked!!

  3. Ok Annette, you have TOO much time on your hands. Love the card! I don't think you need a smiley face pin, you are already an awesome mom!!!!!!!!! Tiffany


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