Halloween Cookies = Hugs

I know it's past Halloween now, but remember I was without my beloved Mac for a week. While it was a very freeing experience, I am extremely happy to be back in the cyber world again. A week is sure a long time in the blogging arena. I've missed out on so much! Meanwhile, my daughter and I decided to make cookies for her class this Halloween. As we began Thursday evening, we remembered her Horizons class meets on Fridays also, so that meant more cookies to be made. 38 to be exact. Here's how it went . . .

First, it takes two people who really like each other. That would be me with my lack of make-up, hair pulled back showing off my neglected grays, and a big smile on my face meanwhile thinking, "I am about to make cookies that will take me all night to finish." And that cutie next to me is my almost-twelve-year-old Jamie who just got her braces on the bottom teeth the day before. Still working on her smile and thinking, "this is going to be fun, but I hope it doesn't take too long because I want to play my DSI before bed."

Basic sugar cookie dough recipe (Martha Stewart) and a tombstone cookie cutter from WalMart get the process rolling. Jamie is fully involved and having fun.

While the cut cookies are chilling in the 'fridge, Jamie mixes the black food coloring into white royal icing to make a medium gray. Perfect for tombstones.

Jamie has punched out for the night, a little sooner than expected. The many batches of cookies are rotating into the oven and onto the cooling racks where they wait for their base coat of gray icing. A spoonful of icing is dropped onto the cookie center, then I take a plastic knive and smooth it out to the edges. It's getting late, but this part is fun.

Back during the royal icing stage, we reserved some plain white icing for the kids' names, and made a very dark gray icing for the RIP. Both of these went into piping bags with fine tips. It's approaching 11 p.m. but this part is even more fun. Once I wash up the pans and clean up the kitchen it's midnight.

Once they dried really well overnight, Jamie and I bagged them up and tied orange and black ribbon around each. I get little sleep, but I do get big hugs and a happy child. The kids at school loved them and the teachers were impressed. Pumpkin carving the next night, then a fun-filled Halloween. Hope yours was horribly happy!


  1. How sweet. I love to see mothers and daughters playing together.

  2. Glad to see you back in cyberspace! Those cookies look wonderful. Great job! The sacrafices we make for our children . . .

  3. Alivia liked her cookie! We made chocolate covered pretzels the night before. I'm glad you posted pictures of the cookies, because of course I didn't see them since Alivia ate hers. haha They turned out cute! Very clever, the RIP and the personalization. Thanks for my little treat! I can't wait to use the new VIA coffee. I'm saving it, of course. xoxo!

  4. Great job on the cookies, I guess you don't sleep much since you are always making wonderful stuff. DiAnn


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