Spooky Sunday Card Class

Each month I hold a card class at my home. I kick my family out for a few hours, whip the house into presentable shape, and enjoy the company of ladies usually (but boy-oh-boy I sure would love to have some men join us once in a while) as we create a six-card set using Close To My Heart stamps, paper, and embellishments. Today was one of those Sundays and since it's October, Halloween was the theme. (Are you sick of seeing Halloween stuff here on my blog yet?) Here are the cards we made. Easy and fun. So much so, I sat and made another set myself. After everyone left, I packaged them up in a clear bag, put a topper on them, attached a card and left this little package on the doorstep of my neighbor Patty who is an even bigger fan of Halloween than I am, who couldn't make it to my class this month. Patty is the ultimate neighbor, always there to loan me a cup of sugar, literally, or her extra stamp pads when I have a big crowd coming. So, on the little card I wrote a note of thanks and like I said, left it on her doorstep. I didn't ring the bell or anything because I knew that she would soon be walking her dog Ralphie, my dog Suki's best buddy. Sure enough I got her delighted phone call shortly thereafter. Then we met up with our dogs and attempted to take them on a walk together. (They're both spastic puppies who are in desperate need of proper training.) We managed pretty well and went our separate ways. Patty was happy to get the cards, and I was happy to have a nice way to thank her for being a great neighbor.


  1. Annette, you certainly are making do without true Halloween papers. Love the cards and the story about your friend and neighbor. I so wish I had a friendly neighbor.

  2. Great Halloween cards! I especially like the 'spooky' tree on the bright green background. Very cool card. :)


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