Thursday, October 8, 2009

First time published!

Over the summer, when I had far more time on my hands than now, I thought it would be fun to submit one of my card creations to a magazine. I had just purchased the Stamper's Sampler Take Ten issue (it's a nice thick catalog-style magazine that comes out quarterly, I think) and I love to pick one up occasionally for inspiration. I had just made a card for my friend Lisa for her birthday, so I duplicated that card and sent it in to Stamper's Sampler. That was months ago. I have since sent in another card design to them, because I figured they rejected that first one. Last week, to my delight, I received an e-mail congratulating me on being published with my initial card design. Naturally, I was thrilled! When you get published, they send you a complimentary issue of their magazine. I was equally thrilled because that quarterly Take Ten issue costs $15. I later discovered that my complimentary issue was their bi-monthly pub and not the Take Ten issue. But I am still happy, believe me.

Of course, I did not take a photo of my card before I sent it, so if you'd like to see the card that got published, you'll have to pick up an Oct/Nov. issue of Stamper's Sampler and go to page 9. Meanwhile, I'll see if I can get Lisa to take a photo of the one I made her.


  1. Happy dance! Happy dance! wooHOOOO!!!! Of COURSE they would choose your card - I would be shocked if they did not!
    Congratulations! ;-)

  2. Congratulations on your card being published. I am sure the other one sent in will be too! Maybe it will be in the big quarterly book this time. See you soon DiAnn


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