Thursday, January 30, 2014

Graphic 45 Typography Stamp Sets

Craft room is coming along. Boy, I have a LOT of stuff. I'm making great progress reorganizing and am looking forward to completing everything by Super Bowl Sunday when I'll share it with you. So stay tuned.

Meanwhile, I thought I'd share some projects I created especially for Hampton Art using their beautiful stamp sets in the Typography collection for Graphic 45. Hampton Art creates stamps for many companies, Graphic 45 being one of them. You may have seen some of their sets in your local craft store, and of course you can find them in your local scrapbook store (if you're lucky enough to have one in your area) or online in stores like and others.

These are the three sets in the Typography collection. Cling Stamp 1, 2 and 3. They are red-rubber cling stamps and their quality is top notch. I'm a stamper, so I was pleasantly surprised how nice they worked.

Here are several projects I created for them. You may recognize some of them from my CHA recap photos.

Mini album using Maya Road covers. Lots of stamping using all three of the sets throughout the album, plus Graphic 45's Typography collection, including papers and chipboard. You can see how fond I am of the fountain pen stamp in particular.

I love the look of stamping on patterned paper. The alphabet stamp (in red) creates a dimensional layer over the dictionary page background. The fountain pens are stamped and cut out, inked around the edges and then adhered for even more dimension.

I may have to make another one of these for myself, I liked it so much.

Here are a four cards. Card 1 measures 5 x 7 inches.

Card 2 is also 5 x 7.

Card 3 is a 6 x 6 easel card.

Card 4  is a 5 x 5 card featuring the Pop-n-Cuts Label die.

And finally is this stationary box, which started with a plain wooden box from the craft store.

Isn't Typography the best? I just love it. These are some of my favorite stamps I own now.

We're still waiting to hear if Home Shopping Network will be carrying these in March. If so, my samples will be on TV! I'll be sure to keep you posted if that happens.

Thanks for stopping in today. Now it's back to the craft room for me. Have a great day!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Graphic 45 Altered Matchbox with Couture

My craft room is torn apart, as I'm in the middle of reorganizing. (see my previous post) Progress is slow but steady. I'll keep you posted throughout the week and hope to have a final reveal of my organization process by the end of the week. Lots to do yet!

In the meantime, I'm happy to share a fun project I created using the beautiful Couture collection by Graphic 45. An altered 8 x 8 matchbook box transformed into a home decor piece. You may have seen this in my CHA recap photos, but today you'll get the full tutorial.

Here are a few photos of my creation. A full tutorial with all the measurements and steps can be found on the Graphic 45 blog today. Be sure to leave a comment when you get there and you could win some Couture and Sweet Sentiments goodies!

Thanks for stopping in. Have a great Monday!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Stop the Insanity! My Craft Room is a Disaster!

I know I said "See you Monday" on my last post, however I am struggling here. My craft room is a disaster and has been a disaster for the past several months. I don't even go in there these days. This type of environment is not conducive to the creative process in any way, shape or form. I'm cutting myself a little slack, what with the holidays and CHA projects all that. But it's time to STOP the insanity and get this place whipped back into shape!

Take a look, friends. It's not pretty...

This is the most disturbing area of my room for me. I have to straddle things on the floor to get to other things, then things fall or get stepped on. It's crazy!

I hate having to lift bins to get to other bins. This little bin is filled with all sorts of latest purchases or item I just haven't taken the time to put away. Ick!

This is the corner I was talking about. I almost wrench my back trying to get that big rotary trimmer out of the mess. Papers, journals, ribbons,.. there's no rhyme or reason to why this is all here.

Opposing corner of the room. My closet. Seems not so terrible at first glance. But again, stuff on the floor that I have to straddle to get to the stuff in the closet. Too much stuff!!!

I even have just random stuff stuck behind the door. See the wet nap? And some piece of ribbon? What IS that?! Oh, it's a name tag from about 7 years ago from an event I did. 

This is the same corner in front of the closet. Alterables are just thrown back there, stuff from CHA is thrown on top, paper is piled up, and the Cricut machine is on the floor in front of my pretty vintage cabinet. Again, I have to move stuff to get to stuff. Nothing makes me crazier!

The closet sort of wraps around to the right with this hard to reach area that I tend to just chuck stuff into. ARGH!!!

No reasoning to this space at all. A big piece of burlap, tickets, Ranger inks, and a layout tucked on its side. HELP!!

My desk is so full I have two small bookstands on the left end just to hold more stuff. Random stuff, of course. Mail scale, calendar, Ranger U tags, boxes and magazines. 

Do you hear me hyperventilating?!

My work table is not that bad, however it needs help. Too many things just sitting there. 

To the right of my work table is my long table. This is the left end where everything is crowded together. A little too crowded. I literally have paper and card stock in ALL areas of my room. All four corners. I'm NOT KIDDING! 

I have to keep a small table to the right of my big table, just to lay more stuff. I really want to say "crap" but I'm trying to keep calm here. Cardstock on the floor, on the table, cords everywhere, piles of random stuff. 



We are soon going to replace the carpet so I need to get things in gear and fast! I want to start creating again and I just can't in this environment. I somehow feel a blog rant will help motivate me. If you're interested in this type of thing, come back and visit next week as I begin the organization process. My vow is to purge as much as possible, get the flow going a little better in here, and not spending a bunch of money on containers and more stuff.  

Wish me luck!

Friday, January 17, 2014

CHA Recap 4 - Wrap Up

Hello and happy Friday! It's my final CHA recap. Today is full of miscellaneous eye candy. About 40 photos, so get comfy. It's everything from Prima, Plaid, and Spellbinders to Heartfelt Creations, Faber Castell, and Charity Wings.

Away we go…

The first morning of CHA as the crowd pours in. Everyone seems to have a plan in place when they enter. CHA provides a wonderful brochure with a pull-out floor plan of all the vendors. 

Heartfelt Creations had a gorgeous booth filled with amazing artwork. This dress form caught my eye immediately. They are known for their beautiful flower stamps which coordinate with Spellbinders dies. They have YouTube videos, an online gallery, and inspiration like crazy on their site, so be sure to visit them.

Just check out all the lovely samples...

Then it was on to the Prima booth where the uber-talented Anna Dabrowska demoed the use of the new Color Bloom Sprays onto a canvas bag.

Some of my favorites from the Prima booth…

The Something Blue line - stunning!

Next was Spellbinders "The Gilded Life" section of their booth. This was such an elegant, beautifully vintage display. I loved it. While we all know about the wonderful Spellbinders dies, The Gilded Life is something new. Be sure to click on the link and read more about it, but in a nutshell it's a line of vintage-inspired mixed media products with which you can create custom jewelry, home decor, embellishments,.. you name it. 

Just check out the amazing samples from their booth...

This was the beautiful make-n-take project. The medallion measures about 2 1/4 inches square. Generous size with lots of possibilities. I'm not usually a big jewelry person. Don't wear much of it myself, but I absolutely adore it and love learning how to make pieces for gifts. This stuff just blew me away.

And speaking of jewelry, I came upon the Ice Resin booth where they demoed the gorgeous Rue Romantique line. I just love the look of all these pieces. They seem so complicated to make, but after watching the demo you can bet I was hooked. I came home and got some Ice Resin from Hobby Lobby and some jewelry findings in hopes of having some play time soon to try them out.

They had so many combinations and possibilities. I sure hope this line shows up in my local craft stores soon.

Next up was the Plaid booth. Products under the Plaid name, as you might already know, are ModPodge, Martha Stewart and Folk Art to name a few. What you're seeing here was the make-n-take project using some new ModPodge products. I was thrilled to make adorn this little heart shaped box with the "frosting" and paint those little candies and sweets. What a wonderful project with kids and teens. 

It starts with the molds. Some of these are already in craft stores, by the way.

You use their High Temp Mini Mod Melts to fill the molds. Although they sell their own heat tool, I'm assured these work in any mini hot glue gun.  Once the mold is set (about 10 minutes) then you pop 'em out and paint them, if desired, or leave them as is. For our make-n-take, we painted white molded pieces with regular acrylic paints.

Now the really fun part. You use this Collage Clay just like a frosting bag to pipe onto your project. Then you stick your painted mold pieces into the frosting. You can then swirl some of their Collage Drizzle Paint over the top and sprinkle some glitter. Well, as you can see, you can go crazy!

This was a sample on display. A cellphone case. Before you laugh and wonder who the heck would want this as a cellphone case, it's a growing trend already established in Japan amongst teens. My 16-year-old daughter had just shown me one on Etsy before I went to CHA. So when I saw this make-n-take, I was delighted! I gave it to my daughter when she came home and she totally freaked!

More Plaid products in action on this lovely altered window. Inspiring!

Folk Art display. Dishwasher safe, indoor/outdoor paints. Cool!

Starbucks get-together on Sunday morning before the show opened. From left: Cheryl Grigsby, myself, Kourtney Vallee, Candy Colwell, and Linda Ledbetter. We're all fellow Ranger U grads. I met Cheryl and Candy for the first time, and got to know Linda a little more. An awesome group of girls who I felt as if I had known forever.

Kourtney and I hung together a few hours Sunday morning doing make-n-takes and I got the buyer's perspective watching Kourtney place orders in several booths for her store Scrapbook-N-Memories in Harrisonville, Missouri.

We got our hands into some great products during the make-n-take in the Faber Castell booth. 

While strolling past the Brother booth, there was Anthony Ryan from Project Runway fame. My daughter and I are big fans of the show.

Here's my travel buddy and good friend Sherry Fralic who volunteered all weekend in the Charity Wings booth. Be sure to check out this fantastic non-profit group by clicking on the link. 

Although it's blurry as hell, I had to post this photo of Sherry and I. We're in the Orlando airport getting ready to board our plane to CHA. We went through the entire weekend together without thinking to take more photos of the two of us together. That's how crazy busy and exciting it was. 

This is my "Good-bye California" photo. A last look at the mountains in the distance, as we headed back to Florida. We had a fabulous time and I plan to go every year I possibly can. So if you make your way there next year, make sure you look me up!

Thanks for stopping in and taking the time. I always appreciate that. I hope you've enjoyed the recaps all week. Have a great weekend. See you Monday!