Friday, May 13, 2016

Art Journaling Fun!

I consider myself super lucky to have a spare bedroom for a "studio" all to myself. Every square inch is filled with stuff. Very organized. But very full. But sometimes I dream of being a minimalist crafter. I wonder what I would do if I only had a small crafting space that could only hold a very limited amount of supplies. Or no designated space at all (eek!) and could only create something which would have to be put away afterwards. As much as I love my stuff, I get sort of excited when I think about this option.

Choices would have to be made. Things would have to go. Lots of things. But what would I keep?

Honestly, I think I would have to say the one thing I would want to keep and put my full focus on would be my art journal. I'd just need some paints, a few stencils and stamps, and some brushes. I could literally put all those items in one basket. It gives me tingles just thinking about it.

Now don't get me wrong. I totally LOVE my stuff. Love dies, ribbon, inks, cardstock, paper. Oh my goodness, do I love paper! I just get this weird delight in thinking about minimalizing (if that's even a word...?)

Anyone with me on this?

My point is I love art journaling. I love it for more than the art, the craft. I love it for what I feel when I'm doing it. It gives me such pleasure getting lost in the process, playing and experimenting.

So today I want to share three art journal spreads I've been creating the past week. I'm no pro at it, but my friend Darlene told me that if YOU like your journaling, then you ARE a pro at it. I liked that.

I'll be sharing a tutorial on each of the art journal spreads over the weekend, so stay tuned here on my blog for that. For now, here they are...

Thanks for stopping in. I'll be back tomorrow. Hope to see you then!


  1. Take it from someone who had to downsize, you won't like it!! I had often thought the same thing until we moved, but now I long for my old studio!

  2. Annette these pages are beautiful. Your love of journaling shines through. I'm with you on the downsizing dream. Sometimes it just feels like too much stuff. But it's stuff that I love. I get that too. I have been feeling the pull to edit and simplify for some months. I'm slooooowly letting go of items and tools that I haven't used in years. I want my most items in easy reach when the mood strikes. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love your journal pages; can't wait to see the tutorials.

    Had to laugh at the word "minimalizing"... I doubt very highly that one could find that word in a crafter's dictionary!!! Still, I'm sure all of us have some things that haven't seen the light of day in weeks/months/years. But, we know they're there, somewhere, just waiting for the perfect opportunity to be used to full advantage. At least, that's my story and I'm sticking to it :-)

    Looking forward to future posts. You are an inspiration to me.

  4. Oh I am definitely with you Annette! I too, have the spare room as my craft room but I cannot imagine minimalizing - yikes! I guess I could get buy with a handful of paints and dies but I don't think I could part with ANY of my stash of papers - I have to have two sets, one to use and one to stroke - lol!

    Your pages are all beautiful, the 'Breathe' one is just so beautiful, love the colours and the design. I look forward to seeing the tutorials.... Anne x


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