Wednesday, May 13, 2020

DIY Cricut Base Using Repurposed Materials

Hey everyone, welcome back. I've got another DIY project to share. I've been trying for a while to find something to elevate my Cricut machine in the cart in my craft room. The cart has a recessed tray on top and therefore my Cricut "door" couldn't be opened unless I got it higher. As we know, it's a pain to lift and move that heavy Cricut, plus I know I'll use it even more if it's placed in a good, functioning spot so I don't have to move it.

I recently purchased a cabinet from Target for the craft room, which was packaged really well with these great cardboard pieces. I hated to toss them out, so I saved them, then got to thinking how I could probably use them to create a good sturdy base for my Cricut!

This is how I stacked the pieces up and adhered them together. I've got a video taking you through all the steps below, with a few little tips along the way.

It worked like a charm. It's the perfect size, it's sturdy, and very pretty! You could use any papers to fit your decor. 

So think twice before tossing those packaging materials! You never know what you can do with them. And it feels really good to repurpose rather than purchase for a change.

Here's my video if you'd like to watch me create it...


  1. What a creative solution to your problem. That looks great!

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