Saturday, May 28, 2016

My high school graduate

It's here. Finally. Jamie has graduated high school. It's been quite the final year. She's been counting down the days. It's not that she didn't like high school, it's just that she simply cannot wait to get to Ringling this Fall.

I thought I'd share a few photos from graduation last weekend.

We feared rain, but it ended up being a perfectly sunny (hot) evening. My mom and dad joined us.

Some of Jamie's closest friends came too.

Here they come. Viera High School Class of 2016. I remember when Jamie was a baby, I would think to myself that she's going to graduate high school in 2016 and its seemed so far off in the future.

Now look at her, shaking hands with the principal and other staff, saying good-bye to this chapter in her life. I only hope she didn't wish it away too quickly without holding onto some fond memories first.

Diploma in hand, striding confidently, smiling big. She's going places, this girl of mine.

I'm sure she's sweating her ass off in the hot sun, but I'm also sure she's a happy kid right now.

We were looking at old photos of my high school graduation recently and I remember her asking me how I got my cap to stay on that far back on my head. She liked the way it looked. I noticed hers right away.

Tradition is to take photos on the field afterwards. I don't know why I'm holding my purse like that. 

Doin' the Dab. A favor to Jamie. 

Damn, I'm gonna miss her.

We had a small party afterwards with her friends and some family members. All in all, a very nice evening for a pretty special kid. Onward and upward, Jamie!


  1. Many many congratulations to Jamie and here's to a bright happy future. I can feel your love Annette....our babies never grow away...don't worry ;0) Thanks for sharing these lovely family photos xx

  2. She is gonna rock Sarasota HARD! You should be (and I know you are) very proud of her. She's gonna go far.

  3. Congratulations Jaime! Such an exciting time. Savor every moment. Thank You Annette for sharing these moments in your life. You have raised a wonderful young women who has a bright future.


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