Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Distress Crayon comparison by Sandy Allnock

I've been promising for weeks that I would create a video comparison of the new Distress Crayons by Ranger to similar products like Neo-color Crayons and Gelatos, however due to this respiratory infection that's kept my voice in a constant gruffy state and my throat all nasty with annoying mucus clearing fun, I have had to postpone it.

This week, I see that Sandy Allnock has created a wonderful comparison video of her own. (Thanks for the heads up, Tim Holtz.) So I figured, why should I reinvent the wheel when she's done such a great job of it already? Check it out below. She's compared Distress Crayons with Gelatos and Prima Oil Pastels. I found it very informative and helpful, and hope you will too.


  1. Thanks for sharing, Annette!! :)

  2. I watched Sandy's video yesterday and thought she gave a useful and very balanced view on the three types of crayons. Anne x


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