Sunday, January 10, 2016

CHA Designs - Tim Holtz Sizzix Alterations

Hello again all! It's Sunday to you, but I'm posting this the Wednesday prior since I won't be blogging from the show. (Craft & Hobby Association Mega Show 2016) You can view videos and all kinds of exciting information right on their website as well.

Today, I thought I'd share a few super fun projects I was asked to do for Tim Holtz's Sizzix booth using his new upcoming house dies that coordinate with his previous ones. You may remember the houses I created with his Village Dwelling and Village Winter dies a few months ago here. Now Tim has three new additions to this addictive craft of house-making. Check out his sneak peek post here.

Now I can't just gloss over the fact that I was even contacted and invited to create for Tim. Out of the blue, I received an e-mail from Paula Cheney asking me if I was interested. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Of course I was interested. Next thing I know, I'm getting a box full of goodies straight from Mario and I'm enjoying much of my Thanksgiving to Christmas "break" creating to my heart's content. Those who follow my social media got a little teaser now and then.

Okay, these are the photos I took for Tim and Paula to approve. No fancy backgrounds. I'm guessing they've got some creative ideas up their sleeves when these dwellings are arranged in the Sizzix booth, so stay tuned to my social media sites as I will share as soon as I can.

The Brownstone
Taller than the Village Dwelling die and narrower, with different shaped doors and windows.  Here I've cut down two of the structures to give a variety of heights. Some have chimneys, some don't.

The Bungalow.
I am in LOVE with this die! It includes the picket fence pieces, the dormers, windows and shutters. I've added moss to the roof and created a little flower pot with Tim's Tiny Tattered Florals Thinlits die.  

One of Tim's new Mini Plaquettes fits perfectly above the doorway. And that tiny doorknob is one of Tim's new nailheads.

The texture on the exterior is from a background stamp in my stash. The moss is from Hobby Lobby and comes in adhesive-backed sheets. SUPER sticky stuff!

The Bell Tower.
Okay, this one isn't new, but I did get the okay to use it. My little chapel features a tin roof made from metallic cardstock and the Notebook Texture Folder, which might be old by now. The same effect can be achieved by scoring with a stylus on a scoreboard. I added some Mushroom alcohol ink to age the roof a bit. Also, I split the door in two for a double-door entry. And like Tim showed us in his video when debuting this die, I added a bell in the tower.

The slats on the chapel are 1/4" strips of cardstock adhered to the base before sending it through the die-cut machine. Each strip was lightly inked with Distress ink.

My schoolhouse isn't a new die, but it's made with a combination of the Bell Tower, the round window from the Brownstone, and the small windows from the Bungalow.

The trick with this one is that I pieced together two of the Village Dwelling houses to create a long schoolhouse structure. The bell tower portion has been altered just slightly with a few snips of my scissors (compare it to the chapel) so it resembles more of a schoolhouse bell.

Again, I cut 1/4" strips of cardstock to give the wood slat appearance. And that ROOF! Those shingles are from the new Rooftops die which features three different shingle styles (as you'll see below).

My double cottage is a mix of the basic Village Dwelling and the Brownstone, which I've trimmed a little shorter than how it comes on the die and attached it sideways to the main house. The arched windows are from the Bell Tower die, and the fence is from the Bungalow die. And check out those roof shingles! This one has got to be my favorite in the Rooftops set. I cut them from paper-thin sheets of wood that Tim sent me. 

I added some moss to the front of the cottage along with the half-circle fence for the garden. Ivy crawls up the house with small blooms here and there.

My Little Pink Cottage is the final project I created. The roof shows the third style of shingle in the Rooftops die. The exterior of the house was created by cutting a corrugated sheet in Tim's Textured Surfaces from the Village Dwelling base die, and painting it with Victorian Velvet Distress Paint.

More flowers and moss. Plus a little welcome mat at the front door.

The shutters, again, are from the Bungalow die. I used the porch from the Village Dwelling die not only for the actual front porch, but for two window boxes. I turned them upside down and adhered one under each side window and filled them with flowers and leaves.

You can imagine the possibilities of mixing and matching parts and pieces from all these fantastic dies. It's endless! I sincerely had so much fun creating these, it was hard to stop.

Stay tuned to Tim's posts from CHA as well as my social media sites where I'll share photos of my shelf in the Sizzix booth with my little village collection. Plus LOTS more from the show in general.

You can find all the links to my social media in the right column of my blog. Thanks for stopping in!


  1. Amazing work! I love your little village!

  2. So incredible Annette! I just think these little houses are the cutest :D TFS

  3. Oh wow Annette, I just LOVE what you did with the new dies!! Your little buildings are just fabulous. I have the older dies and now cannot wait to get my mitts on the new ones - love, love, love the schoolhouse, so clever! Anne xx

  4. These are incredible Annette and you are so clever to create other structures from pairing the dies. I love these!

  5. These are so amazing!! I love how your "thinking outside the box" elevated these to a whole new level!

  6. WOWSERS all the way around Annette!

  7. very nice Annette a lot of work and very them all!!

  8. I can't believe I didn't see these at the show. Girl, they are awesome! I especially love your creative license to alter the width, height, and length of the buildings. They are fabulous!!

  9. Annette,
    Those little houses were what I most wanted to see whenever I saw pictures from CHA. I am so glad you explained how you did them.

    I have ordered these dies already, but alas! I have to wait until May.

    You did a beautiful job with these dies. Thank you for showing us more of them.

  10. Fabulous structures! Look like so much fun to make.

  11. These are fantastic. I love all your different ideas.

  12. your creations for CHA. I have added a link to my post showing everyone what you have created here....hope that's ok. What a treat having Paula contact you, that's fabulous news too. Congratulations!!! Love your work. Karen.x

    1. Thank you Karen!! So kind of you and I'm delighted that you've linked on your blog. I'm honored!

  13. My Goodness! Each and every one of your dwellings is just fabulous. It's amazing how much character you created out of just a few dies. I salute you, give you a double thumbs ups, and yell three cheers to you!

  14. Hi Annette, I just found you here and can't believe your're the person who created the fabulous Village Dwelling houses for Tim's booth. I LOVE these houses and the Chapel, and I've just made my first Brownstone Chapel today which I hope to post on my blog tomorrow. I Love the whole range so far and can't wait to see what else is added! :)

  15. Hi Annette
    I just started to look around for Tim Holtz houses, and I found your site. Your houses are so fantastic. I was looking for a doublehouse. I found your school house. Smiling - I have to try to make such house.
    Kindest regards
    Monica Rosendal

  16. Wow! I can't pick a favorite as they are all great. I love the creative spin you put on each one.


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