Thursday, May 21, 2015

Correspondence Mailbox, but first A Winner!

Hello All! The other day I posted my Raining Cats & Dogs album which was featured on the Graphic 45 blog and promised a prize to one lucky winner. All the person had to do was leave a comment on my blog containing what they thought might be my secret mystery word. Well, my mystery word was Suki, of course. I had four commenters say Suki in their comment, so I drew from those four names and the winner of my special Graphic 45 prize pack is Sandy Young!

Sandy, now I just need you to e-mail me your mailing info so I can get this prize out to you ASAP. Email me at if you please.

Now, on to the Correspondence Mailbox! We created this in my monthly club "Friday Follies" this month.

What started off as a basic KaiserCraft Beyond the Page 2-Drawer Dresser, shown left, became this fun little mailbox covered with all sorts of Tim Holtz goodies like...

Correspondence paper stash, Industrious Stickers, Curio Knob, Foundry Frame, Metallic Kraft Core, and Distress Paints and Inks.

I'm no engineer so I had to really work on figuring this part out. It's the curved roof top of the mailbox that will be hinged, have a mail slot, and have side supports. I started by cutting and curving a piece of cardstock and lining the sides with some of the paper, then rounding the corners. I held this in the curved position with a rubber band while I worked on other stuff.

Then I added this paper to the outer area.

I cut some half circle shapes from sturdy cardboard for the side supports, covered them with the grid paper on one side, then more paper on the other side, making sure to have excess. Then I trimmed around about 1/2 inch and cut little slits. This reminded me of "clipping curves" when sewing in a sleeve on a shirt.

Even though I didn't end up using this striped paper, I did the same treatment with the Scor-Tape to each of the little tabs.

I put a bead of glue along the cardboard ridge, then pressed it into place in the "roof" like this, then when the glue was set I peeled each piece of Scor-Tape off one at a time and pressed the tabs into place. The large grid paper in this photo actually came in later to hide all the little tabs. (This was my prototype).

I built a 1/2" foam board platform, covered it with paper, and hinged the grid paper from the inner lining of the "roof" to the platform so the top could open and close. You can see that I added a brass handle too. Now letters that get dropped into the mailbox can be retrieved by opening the lid. The platform was necessary so the "roof" could over hang, but not get in the way of the hinged front door, which you'll see in a minute.

I cut away the slot in the top of the "roof" and then trimmed it out with some Industrious Sticker borders for a finished look.

I added this hinged door to the front. It's simply a piece of thin cardboard covered with paper, trimmed with Industrious Stickers, and embellished with a Curio Knob and Foundry Frame. I put some gold metallic kraft core yardstick behind the frame and spelled out MAIL with the Typeset die and red yardstick. Some hinges from the craft store where glued on then eventually reinforced with little screws on the sides and matching brads on the front. (See main, finished photo)

Here the door hinges open and stays secure when closed with a very strong, round magnet. See it? I dressed up the inner drawers with more Correspondence paper and painted the wood areas of the dresser with brown paint.

I made some very small envelopes to fit into the slot using my Envelope Punch Board, making my own custom size. Smaller than the smallest setting on the board.

And now people can leave me sweet, funny or nasty little notes in my mailbox when they come to visit.

 You can find all these great Tim Holtz products at one of my favorite online stores right here in Florida, The Funkie Junkie Boutique. KaiserCraft sells all sorts of alterables and you can find them just about everywhere online like, Amazon, etc.

Thanks for stopping in today. Have a good one!


  1. Oh Wow... This is awesome Annette x

  2. This is brilliant Annette. ..what a fun idea x

  3. OMG! Annette, this little mailbox is Darling!! There will only be nice & loving mail left for you in that special delivery!!
    Congrats to Sandy!! Luckyyyyy! :) Happy Friday, Annette!! XOXO-Shari

  4. Congratulations to Sandy!

    Your mail box is outstanding - I love making 3D projects and this one is superb...

  5. Your Americana Home Decor piece is sooooo fun Annette. I think anyone would be thrilled to have that displayed over the next couple of months. My favorite thing is to go to someone's home and see "the unique" that makes you want to ooo and ahhhh over it. JUST AWESOME. j.

  6. This is so cute! I love the matching little envelopes.

  7. This is too, too, too good and fun! Annette, you are fantastic!


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