Thursday, December 4, 2014

Our Baby Girl is 17

Holy crap. Can it be? Our daughter Jamie is 17 years old.


Where has the time gone?

Only one more year of high school and then she's off. 

I can't think about that right now.

I'll think about that tomorrow... (channeling my inner-Scarlett O'Hara).

For those who haven't heard me talk about this kid before, I'll keep it brief. She's simply an amazing person. She's a gifted artist and a very unique kid. She thinks differently than a lot of her peers. She's intense, passionate, and sets high standards for herself (like Mom). She's strong-willed and opinionated (like Dad). And she's funnier than hell (also like Dad). Maybe it's the only child thing, but she's beyond her years in maturity. She's sharp, this kid. Smarter than I ever was at her age. She's been beating to a different drummer ever since she was little. And I just love her to pieces. 

Here's a look at some recent artwork of hers. When she's not busy with school and boyfriend, she's at the computer on her Wacom tablet drawing either commissioned art for her followers and friends, or designing a futuristic scene for the cover of a soon-to-be-published book.

(It was hard picking just a few pieces!)

Finally, I thought I'd share the birthday card I made for her. (her actual birthday was yesterday) I used Graphic 45's Time To Celebrate papers and stamps (by Hampton Art) to create this 6" x 6" card.

You can find Jamie and more of her art and musings on Tumblr.


  1. Jamie is very talented! Her art is amazing.

  2. She is an truly amazing artist, Happy Burthday

  3. Thanks for sharing! You must be so proud Annette!

    Jaime what a great role model you are for all young people! And even some of us older folks. Grounded, smart, beautiful, and confident. Keep doing what you are doing and you will continue to be a sucess! Happy Birthday!

  4. Great talent, terrific personality with a bit of moxie in these amines. Bright future for a colorful young lady!

  5. Happy birthday to Jamie. .smart kids come from smart parents. .be proud..all 3 of you. Enjoy the celebrations xx

  6. Happy Birthday to a very talented young lady. Thanks for sharing pictures of your very special daughter.

  7. Wowza...she is a talented artist! I see that she got her creativity from her mom eh?
    Happy Birthday Jamie!!

  8. Happy Birthday Jamie! Not only is she beautiful but she is also amazingly talented ( like her mother)!!

  9. Happy Birthday Jamie! Not only is she beautiful but she is also amazingly talented ( like her mother)!!

  10. Happy Belated Birthday to Jamie!!! She is one talented young lady. Chip off the ole block, eh? :-) Enjoy this last year with your girl and savor each moment.

  11. Happy Birthday Jamie, you are super talented just like your mum.
    Julie x


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