Tuesday, July 8, 2014

London 2014 Day 7

Yes, the London recap continues. Thank you all for such nice comments along the way. I'm glad "most" of you are enjoying it. The trip ends in just a few days for us, and we're starting to make sure we don't miss out on the main things we planned to see. Day 7 was another great one.

I'm telling you, if you go to the Soho area of London and you don't stop at L'Eto Caffe for breakfast as least once, I will never forgive you. We had yet another fabulous breakfast here on Day 7.

Today's choice from the menu. Delicious once again. I just love how they serve the feta in a little disk in a tiny bowl with olive oil drizzled over it and a rosemary sprig perched on top. And why have I never thought to serve avocado on toast with my eggs? 

Soft boiled eggs with milk bread, avocado salsa and butter £7.9
Egg White omelette with spinach and tomatoes, sourdough toast, Feta cheese £8.9
Fried eggs with avocado tartines, fresh tomato, Feta cheese £9.9
Poached eggs on toasted milk bread with avocado, fresh tomato, Feta cheese £9.9
Scrambled eggs with avocado tartines, fresh tomato, Feta cheese £9.9
Eggs benedict on sourdough toast, fresh tomato, avocado £10.5
Eggs royale with lightly salted herb salmon on sourdough toast, £12.5 fresh tomato & avocado
Eggs Florentine, Feta cheese & spinach seasoned with cumin & chili flakes £10.5 

We made our way to the Tower of London today. The London Pass actually came in handy for our free, no-waiting entry. 

So much to see and explore here. We spent half the day, although it easily could take an entire day to enjoy if you had the time.

We started off exploring on our own and enjoyed reading about the history of this great landmark, but soon found that it would be better to join in one of the guided tours. If you have the time, I highly recommend this.

We jumped in on this guided tour already in progress and were thoroughly entertained by our humorous guide. Talk about a guy who loves his job. This fella was hilarious and seemed to be having a great time with us.

A great view of the Tower Bridge in the distance.

We weren't allowed to take photos inside here, so I snapped this one to prove that we checked out the Crown Jewels. Pretty amazing stuff!

In this museum area, this dragon sculpture caught our attention.

Upon closer inspection, we discovered he was made from all sorts of weaponry and armor. Very cool.

We continued through the Tower of London for another few hours and then hunger started to set in badly, so we decided we were done with the tour and looked for the closest place to eat and found a great row of restaurants nearby. Inside this pub, we relaxed and had a rare treat of deep-fried samplings of mushrooms, potatoes, onions, and chicken. It was certainly tasty.

After the fried food, we decided to walk back to the hotel rather than the tube for a short rest, then we headed back out for some shopping. Jamie and I got a few clothing items as Paul walked the streets enjoying a cigar.

We'd passed by this fast-food Italian place many times throughout our walks through the streets and I kept saying we've got to eat there before we leave, so tonight we finally did. It was called &Pasta. And we were glad we did. Like the sign said, "Fast-Good Italiano." 

We had yet to really walk around much in the later part of the evening, so on this night we decided to.   Picadilly Circus was bustling with people and all lit up.

I couldn't get over how long it stayed daylight there. It was past 10 p.m. and felt more like 5 p.m. in the States.

Big Ben was even more majestic at night with it's dramatic lighting.

The River Thames was a gorgeous site. Across the water is the London Eye, of course, and the Aquarium we visited the other day. The lights changed different colors on the building as we walked by.

This is the only time this kid has had a halo around her head. (said with a wink and a smile)

Paul and Ben.

Jamie snuck this photo with her iPod Touch when we were strolling along the river hand in hand. I just loved all the lights, and am so glad we decided to go out in the evening like this, although I caught a glimpse of something small scurrying along the walkway and then saw more of them and eventually discovered they were little mice! Eek!

Tomorrow I'll share Day 8, our last full day in London as we visit the National Gallery and Tate Modern. Thanks for checking in. See you then!


  1. More lovely photos Annette, London is very beautiful at night and very busy. One day you must come to visit at Christmas time, it's magical. I loved the halo photo of your DD ;0) x

  2. Love it Annette. London has a completely different vibe at night and you've definitely captured some of that here. Loving the halo! Jenny x

  3. Breakfast and lunch look yummy! Again! Really enjoying my armchair tour.

  4. I look forward to this everyday Annette, I am a Londoner born and bred and it's so interesting to see the city from another persons eyes,didn't realise there was so much nice food around there now :)

    Your daughter is stunning by the way,a very photogenic face

    Donna x

  5. Another fabulous post! I love traveling with you and feel fortunate to be sharing this with a great photographer and storyteller! Nighttime sure does look wonderful and great halo-shot! Tell Jamie, glad she got the one of you and Paul, what a charming photo! xo

  6. I have thoroughly enjoyed your posts Annette. To each his own, eh? Totally love seeing London lit up at night and the Tower tour too as well. :)

  7. Just catching up on your London trip Annette...amazing photos...loving the 'Halo' pic... and all the yummy food that you all are sampling over here!!! Looks like you are having an awesome time x x

  8. I've really enjoyed seeing London with your family. Thank you for taking the time to relive it for us.


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