Monday, July 7, 2014

London 2014 Day 6

My London recap continues with Day 6 of our trip. The weather was extremely pleasant every day we were there and this particular day was exceptionally beautiful. Temps in the mid 70's, sunshine and blue skies, an occasional breeze. Perfect. We decided at breakfast time that we'd visit Kensington Gardens and Holland Park and if time allowed, we'd make our way to the Museum of London.

But first let's back up and talk breakfast. Again, it was L'Eto Caffe. I could eat here every day of my life.

For me it was a special treat: Croque Monsieur. I just had to try it here. I knew it was going to be good, but I had not idea how good. It was superb! Toasted buttery brioche with cheese, ham and then more cheese on top toasted under the broiler. Ohmygoodness!

Jamie chose soft boiled eggs with milk bread, avocado salsa and butter. We started to see the soft cooked egg trend by this time. Nowhere would you find an egg cooked well. Unless you asked for it. Boy, I seriously like my eggs soft-cooked. Why are we Americans so squeamish about soft-cooked eggs? They are far superior!

And for Paul: blueberry pancakes with fresh berries, vanilla cream, fruit compote and raspberry sorbet. Everyone's breakfast was outstanding.

Jamie made a good observation when all the food was served. She said that it was as if we had switched our breakfasts. I would usually get the eggs, Paul the big cheesy bready thing, and Jamie the sweet choice. I guess we were all in the mood to try things out of our norm.

Now that we were fueled up and ready for the day, we hopped on the tube and headed to Kensington Gardens, one of the Royal Parks of London. 270 acres of beautiful paths, trees, flowers and fields. It was such a pleasure to stroll around taking in the sites, and not only people-watch but dog-watch as well. We found it very interesting that people can walk their dogs off leash in these public parks. Dogs would sometimes lag far behind their owners, eventually catching up when called. Boy, Suki would love that kind of freedom.

A shaded archway of trees made a lovely Secret Garden-like tunnel.

Kensington Palace on the garden grounds. We had hoped to get a glimpse of the royal couple, but no luck.

There in the distance is the Albert Memorial in front of the Royal Albert Hall.

This was the warmest day of our trip so far, so the shade was quite comforting. I thought maybe Jamie would be bored with all this walking and garden viewing, but she truly seemed to enjoy it. One of her friends had recommended a visit to Kyoto Garden in Holland Park, and since it wasn't far from here we walked there next.

More beautiful flowers and well-manicured landscaping.

Peacocks strutting about.

Serene, peaceful setting. In this area, there are signs asking for quiet reflection. 


We had spent several hours in the parks and were feeling ready for a snack, so we popped into Paul's, a chain bakery/restaurant. We shared a few different sweets here. Our Paul appreciated his personally monogrammed napkin.

We hopped back onto the tube and headed to the Museum of London for a few hours. 

I didn't take many photos here I was so absorbed in the vast history. Us Americans sometimes don't realize just how young our country is in comparison. It's mind-boggling what London has gone through over the centuries, and yet it thrives again and again. (Thank goodness)

After the museum we were pretty wiped out, so we had an early dinner in an Indian restaurant then back to the hotel for our nightly wine, TV and social networking.

Stay tuned for Day 7 where we tour the Tower of London and take a nighttime walk through the busy side of London. 


  1. All of your breakfasts look awesome! The Gardens look so peaceful.

  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed your garden strolls Annette, the green space in London is such a haven from the busy streets and perfect to find shade on a hot sunny day. Your breakfasts looked fab we must give that cafe a try. Looking forward to day 7. ... x

  3. Ok, those breakfasts are making me hungry. Beautiful gardens. Looks like an absolutely lovely day. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Another splendid day with you and your family in London!! heehee I love the photo of Jamie in the archway- reminds me of Alice!! great shot! And your breakfasts looked sooo yummy- my stomach is now gurgling! Thank you you for sharing Annette!!

  5. Are you ever going to craft again? Or are you just showing us pictures of your trip forever?

  6. I'm greatly looking forward to more photos of your trip! I'm living vicariously while melting in the oppressive summer heat of the desert, and seeing your smiling face in London makes my day!


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